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Character pick-ups since the patch?


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The title says it all. With the new buffs and nerfs, it's natural for people to gloat around the roster a bit more than before.

Have you picked up any new characters since the patch? Have you dropped anyone?

Personally, I've picked up Shao Kahn and returned to Kollector (played him for a bit back in June), and I'm stoked to add them to my repertoire.
I'm trying a new system, actually. I pick a character and memorize five combinations from his moves list (from kombos, special moves and finishers) and play with that character an entire Towers of Time set. Then I switch to another character. I usually pick two kombos, two special moves and one finisher. Next time I re-pick this character, I pick a different combination.

I find myself having a lot of fun with this method since I don't grow bored with a character and everyone feels fresh this way.


I'm a Jade and Kabal main but have been struggling with Kabal for some reason lately. I knew that after the balance patch I needed to pick up someone else. I have been testing out Frost (who I considered my main for the first week but never really knew too much about) and Kollector. I'm having a ton of fun with them both and I hope I can get better with them :)


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I haven't had a chance to pick up anyone new yet, but I'm curious to see if anyone picks up Next Gen Jacqui or Raijin Raiden. I thought that Next Gen has been a bit underrated for awhile, so with 1st Round KO getting slightly lower damage now, maybe a few more people will give her a look. I've already seen several people talking about how they'd give Raijin a try now that he actually has a way to do some mid screen combo damage.

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Yeah I really don't know. I'm in a character crisis as usual. lol

Not feeling Jax & Skarlet lately, been playing more Sub Zero, but I'm ass with him.

Been playing a bit of Raijin Raiden and Seeing Double Noob and I may try Kitana again (Kitana not Mileena just fyi)


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Frost is the only character I’ve picked up post-patch that I’ve never used before.

I’m revisiting Raiden, Shao, & Jade currently.


Retrying Kotal Kahn with a kustom variation (cmd grab/damage totem/uppercut) and having a lot of fun.

But I always go back to Kano; still the most fun character for me.


Gave Next Gen Jacqui a try again but not really working for me. Now im working on Shao Kahn.I have Raiden, Noob and Kollector (again) on my list.


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I keep meaning to pick up Cetrion, just cuz I dunno, she has some cool outfits and moves, but not really. I plan on playing as Nightwolf and Sindel. I play as a lot of characters though. Kitana is probably my ultimate fave, so I guess she would be considered my main but I'd say i'm probably average to casual on all the others. I like a lot of Raiden's costumes but I dunno, i just don't play as him well.


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BOTH variations are good but his variation with the cat just might be the most solid. IT works so well against zoners.. yes, cetrion included! He can now properly jail so... if you can land a D1 or D3 you can go straight into any 1,2 or F1 string!



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Still playing Sonya. I am Liu-Curious, but I am not going to invest any time with him since Nightwolf is finally coming. I will pick Liu up for fun after I am in a good place with Grey Cloud.


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Still not playing mk11. Messed around with D'Vorah arachnophobia variation, ended up playing some Tera instead.

I'm basically in the Sindel waiting room for the next several weeks.


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Kotal, Shang, Cetrion, Cassie, Kollector, D'Vorah.

But I'm in a character crisis getting board with most.
Eagerly waiting Nightwolf to drop tomorrow. I'll also be playing Sindel & Spawn when they drop too but Nightwolf will be a co-main for sure.