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CEO 2019 MK11 Pools Starting

CEO 2019 is definitely a thing that's happening. And it's happening right now! Florida's biggest major and MK11's second event is going down, and you can catch that all over here.


So technically not right now, but in 10 minutes. Which you can catch at
. Pools are running through today and tomorrow with the Top 8 going down at 4 PM EST (before Smash, so expect it to be on time).

If you want pool info on other games, hit this link here. Otherwise, tune in and we'll keep everyone who can't watch updated as things go down.


If you or anyone can provie updates of highlights from early pools that would be great as I am at work and cannot watch until this evening.
Everytime i see some really low tier char fighting each other i can't stand it. They feels so unfinished and unpolished that the game is just not mk11. But overall the matches i watched were good
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