CEO 2018 Results and Top 8 Rundown

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By HellblazerHawkman on Jun 30, 2018 at 5:42 PM
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    After a long, hot weekend filled with cancelled flights, giants bugs and Jebailey entering the wrestling ring, CEO 2018 finished up for the NRS scene this Saturday afternoon. In case you missed it, TYM is coming at you with that SPOILER FREE (plz stop yelling at me) results breakdown!

    The Top 8 going into this was as follows:

    Tweedy vs. Biohazard
    Gross vs. Semiij

    Tekken Master vs. Forever King
    Sonic Fox vs. Honeybee

    If you wanna just see those matches for yourself, swing by either the Netherrealm Twitch or the Injustice Youtube. NOWHERE ELSE! YOU STREAM THIEVES AIN'T SLICK! Otherwise, you can catch the play-by-play by clicking the spoiler down below.

Coming at you with all dat news
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    1. Kinetic Demise
      Kinetic Demise
      Congratulations Semiij. Your gameplay only gets better and better. I knew you would take this Major and many more to come. So proud of you.
    2. omooba
      tweedyyyyyy!!!!!! whyyyyyyyy!!!!!
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    3. hkriderz
      goddamit sonic stop lagging and start mopping these fools already.

      congratz to semij though, seems like ceo is his major.
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    4. skahwt
      This was a great top eight. Win or lose, @ForeverKing always puts on a show with some really exciting matches. Congrats to the top eight, and to Semij for taking it down.
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    5. Cursa
      bane is op
    6. Cursa
      Seeing results for Sonic but didn't see him at all in top 8?

      Also wondering why Dominique McLean wasn't mentioned at all even though he was in top 8?
    7. legion666
      So...I have counted 4 Starfires in top 8)))
    8. HellblazerHawkman
      He had to make his DBZ pool
    9. Marinjuana
      Thanks for no spoilers, it was a good tournament. Wish there was more Grodd. I had PTSD flashbacks from the Brainiac vs Batman matchup in Forever King vs. Scar. King's one of my favorite players, I love Tekken Master and Forever King. Catwoman just doesn't do it for me as a spectator so GF wasn't really too hype but good for Semiij, great player. Everybody's play is getting better and better.
    10. Clutch8
      These season 2 storylines are shaping up nicely. Hopefully soon info for the IPS finals will be announced. See you at EVO. Congrats Semiij!! Catwoman!!!!!
    11. Sazbak
      Who knocked Sonicfox into losers?
    12. legion666
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    13. dribirut
      Star fires head rush special needs to be nerfed ASAP.. shits all kinds of broke
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    14. zabugi
      Congrats to semiij. Thimgs are shaping up nicely this year
    15. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Kudos to Semij for winning, really wanted Tweedy to win with Starfire though, or maybe Sonic with Michelangelo, or either Tekken Master or Bio with there Starfires (and also Bane from Bio) Still kudos to Semij, great tournament overall.
      Last edited: Jul 1, 2018
    16. Cursa
      No one got it :(
    17. Cursa
      Yea starfire is a little more bonkers than I initially thought.

      Felt like Semij was just making all the hard reads out of all of Starfire's easily available options. Like making a read whether to neutral jump on her wakeup or not, deciding whether to actually take advantage of your plus frames etc.

      Honestly idk what the weakness of this character is
    18. Cursa
      Also "In third place.... The Flash Lord God..... Biohazard!".....

    19. kevkopdx
      What’s broke about it?
    20. Cursa
      It basically ignores plus frames for free unless you commit to really hard reads
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    21. dribirut
      It’s pretty much works like armor.. ignores star fires negative frames and the opponents positive frames and is stupid safe. Leads to like 300 damage on hit... honestly I can’t believe it’s taken us that long to realize how dumb that move is
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    22. ChatterBox
      This top 8 was hype as hell, I was rooting for my boy Bio so hard. Everyone played great and showed just how much growth this game has gone through in a year. Can't wait to see how hard the players keep leveling up after this.

      About the starfire complaints -- Semij clearly labbed it and being able to beat all of Starfires wakeup options put him a step above everyone else. He was beating wakeup uppercut, charge, and hair flip. I bet other characters can do the same. Then there's her ignoring plus frames, it's just like chasing down a backdash. She loses the risk/reward game on it real bad, please lab more before complaining and learn what a read is. If everyone just sat there and blocked when it was their turn to block, Batman would win every match forever and Johnny Cage would've won all three MK9 evos.
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    23. Cursa
      Not sure I agree so much with this statement, it's really matchup dependant considering if you make the wrong read then you are probably also eating a trait back to fullscreen while simultaneously taking 20-25% damage. Some characters can deal with that while others get hurt by it real bad

      I would also bet there is a good chunk of characters that have very few options against this, specifically those with kinda shitty normals. I'd say Bane would struggle with it if he couldn't also armour through the gap in BF2 MB.
    24. kevkopdx
      The move still doesn’t seem that great, you have to use meter to make it safe, so what if you misread and eat it? The move is only good on wake up or a good read, and on wake up it can still be stuffed. I’m failing to understand why this move should be nerfed. Her trait is by far a more interesting move for debate.
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