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Celtic Throwdown 2019 - MK11 Pro Series Event - Stream and Event Schedules. (31st August - 1st September)


Not very popular at all really if you are just looking at sheer numbers. SC6 has low sales. and very little support from the devs for competitive scene.
So a season 2 incoming means very little support from the devs? The competitive scene is the reason why this has been pushed and the people that continue to play. Even though it got the lowest numbers at EVO, the important part is the numbers have grown, game sales was a success in order for a season 2 to even happen, and the interest is STILL there after EVO. I suggest you know what the fuck you're talking about before you speak on something, sir....ma'am....whateva....
If anyone's at Celtic Throwdown and happen to record some video, please send it my way. Mostly just looking for B-Roll of the event so whatever you have I'm happy tto use