CDjr wins MK9 at Winter Brawl 6!! (now with Top 16 results!)

Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by Tim Static, Feb 19, 2012.

By Tim Static on Feb 19, 2012 at 1:13 PM
  1. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    CD jr has won MK9 at WB6! The tourney, held in Philly as all BigE productions are, was a huge success this weekend. Great great play not the mention the introduction of a prodigy know as Sawnik Fawx as legitimate force in the MK9 scene.

    The Top 16!

    1. CD Jr.
    2. REO
    3. Crazy Dominican
    4. Maxter
    5. Death
    5. Sonic Fox
    7. Chris G
    7. Arturo
    9. KT Smith
    9. AC1984
    9. Kevo Da Man
    9. Tom Brady
    13. PimpUigi
    13. Blackula
    13. Rapzilla
    13. Swift Tom Hanks

    Thanks again to Blackula for the bracket info!
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Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by Tim Static, Feb 19, 2012.

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    1. Juggs
      At least the MK9 commentary is better than UMvC3. Screaming "SQUEEZE THIS NIGGA" over and over isn't exactly "good" commentary. But I thought the MK9 commentary was fine. The whole "daaamn" thing was funny, they just did it too much. Reminds me of Sabin 's "aaaahhhahaaaaaaahh", lol.
    2. Scoot Magee
      Scoot Magee
      I ended up in dancock and revolvers room playing casuals. A lot of people stopped by the room I figured you would know where i was at.
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    3. Shady


      Outside of this, congrats to CDJr. winning the thing. Honestly, this was probably one of the most fun experiences I've had just from attending. Getting REO in pools was a bit of bad luck, but you always learn something playing against top players that are just on another level and I feel that I did just that by laboring through that with Sonya rather than running to a more favorable match-up.

      Big ups to AJ though for taking me down in Losers Finals for our pool. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, you know as well as me that wasn't spit you did to beat me out first game :p. Great experience, finally got to meet a lot of great people, even if it came at the cost of some sound sleep.
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    4. Starcharger28
      YO good shit to everybody man. Top 16 to top 8 was by far the most intense action MK9 has seen thus far. I SOOOO can't wait for FR15, Texas Showdown, and EVO. I have to level up and in a hurry :)
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    5. PimpUigi
      The one PM I have in my inbox when I got home was telling me I wasn't on commentary enough.

      The thing I was doing was asking the player(s) to say something on mic right before their matches and stuff, and it actually seems like it was interesting for a few people. It also gives the players more of a chance to get the stream hyped up.

      I think having a straight up commentator like 9.95 or SwiftTomHanks combined with myself or Hitoshura is a great mix (I think Tom Brady is in the exact middle, and that's also good), and I personally enjoy that the most, and felt the most synergy when we had teams like that.
      None of us do MvC3 style commentary either. :cool:

      I've been saying since Salty Battles 5 that the stream chat should be hidden from the commentators, at least during fights.
      This was done on and off throughout commentary, and it's very easy to notice if you listen closely when stream chat is being show to the commentators, and when it's being hidden.

      Where's the shout outs thread at????

      Also, the tournament was ran in tip top shape.
      It started on time (the big shocker) and ran without a hitch or hiccup.
      SwiftTomHanks did an amazing job organizing and directing matches towards the stations.
      As a tournament organizer, I was very impressed. Anyone else is going to have to work extremely hard to do better.
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    6. RunwayMafia
      Dude...I enjoyed the stream and I think you guys did a wonderful job. I've been to a Major and I know how hard it is to run these things. I was just disappointed in SOME of the commentary...mostly from top players who just scream all the time and sound terribly stupid. 9.95 and some dude did WONDERFUL I said it was sports like...they made if very intense and hype. I was still very happy with the stream and all in all it was a great watch!
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    7. TONY-T
      Congrats to CDjr , Well played!
    8. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      Next time we'll put Maxter on commentary and he'll only commentate in Spanish.
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    9. RapZiLLa54
      Hearing the GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL commentary for a fatality would be pretty damn amazing.
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    10. M_TRICKZz
      First off Congrats guys.

      My fave part is the fact that Sonic Fox and Death both placed first, cute lol. Cause they both play mil xD

      Secondly whats the stream name ppl? Link a brotha up plz
    11. roosTakk
      WHEEEERE is the archive? I want to watch
    12. pherleece
      half of the top 16 was from NY.. damnnnn

    13. pherleece
      message 9.95
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    14. 9.95
      I'm actually going to be uploading the twitch archives soon to the KombatNetwork youtube account. I do appreciate you asking, btw, I seriously respect that, so thank you.
    15. charlieonline
      Cool I guess you got it covered. You gonna be at Final Round?
    16. streetsweep187
      Gratz cdjr !!!! I had a blast it was really nice to get to meet the faces that go with the names... I placed 25th and I will return to play again with u fine people.. I learned what to improve and that's whats thank you everyone who gave me pointers it was a great learning experience :)
    17. Sicario
      Somebody has the matches?? stream?? I couldn´t watch ... :(
    18. ForeverKing
      Congrats to all the top players. KevoDaMaN, I was expecting you to place higher :p Haha just playin bro you did good for your first tourney
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    19. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      Hitoshura - "PUFF PUFF PASS, PUFF PUFF PASS..."
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