CDjr wins MK9 at Winter Brawl 6!! (now with Top 16 results!)

Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by Tim Static, Feb 19, 2012.

By Tim Static on Feb 19, 2012 at 1:13 PM
  1. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    CD jr has won MK9 at WB6! The tourney, held in Philly as all BigE productions are, was a huge success this weekend. Great great play not the mention the introduction of a prodigy know as Sawnik Fawx as legitimate force in the MK9 scene.

    The Top 16!

    1. CD Jr.
    2. REO
    3. Crazy Dominican
    4. Maxter
    5. Death
    5. Sonic Fox
    7. Chris G
    7. Arturo
    9. KT Smith
    9. AC1984
    9. Kevo Da Man
    9. Tom Brady
    13. PimpUigi
    13. Blackula
    13. Rapzilla
    13. Swift Tom Hanks

    Thanks again to Blackula for the bracket info!
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Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by Tim Static, Feb 19, 2012.

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    1. Deftonesrc
      Pretty good matches. I was pulling for sonic fox though =( He was fun to watch
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    2. STORMS
      Grand Finals uploading... I got a few pool matches recorded. not as many as last time (been a rough week for me) but I should have them all up hopefully by tonight and tomorrow.
    3. 16 Bit
      16 Bit
      Congrats to the placers. Shout outs to Tom and Sonic for the hype and entertainment.
    4. NRF CharlieMurphy
      NRF CharlieMurphy
      I enjoyed Pools more than anything. STH and Pimp were great announcers in my opinion. They both hype up when it needs it ... have great comments..
      It is a shame those guys don't adjust to each other very well.

      Sonic Fox brought great hype. Tom brought great hype. Everyone in the pools... really great job. Not everyone watches every match in pools... but they were all exciting!!! You guys should be proud of how you all performed... regardless of the results.
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    5. charlieonline
      I have 12 hours of pool footage... I would upload to Youtube but only if it's cool with the Kombat Network.
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    6. Juggs
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    7. Hellion_96
      This was my first tourny ever and despite going 3-2 i had a blast good games to everyone i played in casuals and in pools. I'm hooked into the tourny scene fuck online
    8. BigMilk
      Gotta love how its different chars in almost every spot. And even the stream was super hype. This tournament was amazing!!! Lol at PL Jr, and wish Brady and Kevo did better but still a great show!
    9. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      Is there a full results list posted anywhere?
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    10. Lord Beef
      Lord Beef
      Kevo was pretty damn impressive man. And yeah, Too bad for our hometown boy as well. Definitely a great showing for his first tourney with a new character. That kid Fawx though? DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNN. I had heard some stuff about him before, but talk about a dark horse. Shout outs to death too, Some of the craziest KL rushdown I've seen.

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    11. K7L33THA
      Congrats to CDjr. This was an awesome tournament to watch.
    12. Panque
      I was kind of joking, tho I wish he could do the reset once (But not three times!), maybe with a little less damage, idk. That reset looks cool =P
      He is pretty solid, all that armor is awesome, he has some dirty mixups too, I love f4~OS and variations, mindgames with GP are really useful and all... Gotta love standing one...
      Doing the :ex GG on robots is the shit too :)
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    13. RapZiLLa54
      LMAO, have you watched the video yet? All I hear is you screaming shit LOL. What happened to you sat night, you just disappeared and I bounced in the morning.
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    14. Jade101
      Sawnic Faux was a Beast! I wanna see more of that KID!
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    15. Jade101
      Also i only look at top 2 for Jax.
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    16. Jade101
      Blackula will give some one 700$ also send them to evo if they win his Road to Evo. Thats godlike.
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    17. KH_Captain
      All I can say is I can't wait to see a tourney with PL, CDjr to see who is truly the best. I so was hopin to see REO win this tourney though, damn.
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    18. LesMore
      Sonic Fox like a Ma-Fucka....

      good shit...
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    19. LaDLURKER
      pl jr cuanto sabe jajaj , casi se la hace a cd_jr
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    20. Saint
      I can't believe Jr came back like that, such a beast.

      Makes me feel bad for REO though :(
    21. MKF30
      Good job CDjr, so he uses Jax and Smoke huh? Can't wait to see the vids
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    22. BehindTheLight
      can anyone find the archive on sp00kys channel???
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    23. SwiftTomHanks
      I'm the guy your talking about.

      I apologize for this, but it is very hard to run the tournament we ran this weekend. 9.95, Shock, and I created an 8 pool system so we could get as many stream worthy matches, a glorified top 16, and run everything on time. I was going crazy calling people to stream and non-stream stations, updating brackets, commentating, ect. Every once in a while people come up to you to ask questions about where they need to be and what not. It's hard to stay on top of everything. I'm sorry you did not enjoy the stream. I am going to make a thread dedicated to critiquing Winter Brawl for two groups of people: those who attended and those who viewed the stream from home. So far the feed back I've gotten are all from people who went, and it has been extremely positive concerning how everything actually ran right on time, how hype matches were, and how the MK room was set up. I have yet to really get a poll of stream viewers, so I'm really upset to hear some negative reviews. We'll discuss in the other thread what we can do in the future to make it a better experience for everyone.

      Thank you everyone who helped run Winter Brawl 6. In my opinion, it was the smoothest, most hype, and overall most enjoyable major to date. Only going to get better from here.
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    24. charlieonline
      I don't know what that guy is complaining about. I sat and watched the entire stream all day long and thought it was awesome.

      The interruptions didn't bother me one bit. You do it and you're not paid, you run into tech issues? So what, I get what I pay for. Free Mortal Kombat tournament footage. It was sick dude.
    25. NRF CharlieMurphy
      NRF CharlieMurphy
      Agreed. Thing is... I enjoyed your commentary when you did it. You are one of the few that actually make the match sound intense.
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