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Discussion in 'Captain Cold' started by brahski20, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. brahski20

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    Could be some type of bug or maybe someone with a better mind can explain to me what is going on here. This has happened fairly consistently to me in the past.

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  2. neveradestroyer

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    The Mb ice puddle hit first... Then... the game registered it as a combo because death cycle fell second. But... it gave You a visual bug (The illusion that the MB ice puddle still was there). If this case happens... You are plus enough to pressure... but not to combo your opponent. Any combo with death cycle cannot be followed.:(
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  3. brahski20

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    Ah ok. That makes sense. Seems the visual bug is what threw me off. I assumed the puddle couldn't hit first if it was still present. Thank you. I mean I guess it is sort of a bug with the visual? lol.
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