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Cassie Cage Variations


Some screenshots of what to expect from Cassie's tournament variations.
The shoulder charge is not in the default variations, so I never got a chance to put the frame data of it in the other post.

For those who haven't seen someone elses post on it, the game mode to fight with Tournament variations and to fight with default/custom variations is entirely different.

Anyway, here are her two tournament variations.




Its Game Over, Man
Bumping this up to help give some info to players that are either new to Cassie altogether, or are considering using her other variation.

Cassie mains lucked out since both of her variations are quite good. And while we've seen thus far that Digital Soldier is overall superior to Yaas Queen, both variations have their strengths and weaknesses, which I'll try to go over as best as possible, despite having much more experience with the Digital Queen loadout.

Digital Soldier:
+Better overall utility with Kneecappin and Air Bullet Barrage, which gives Cassie a solid counter-zoning game and helps improve on her already-solid neutral game
+Her combos look more impressive, and if you're the daughter of Johnny Cage, you need to have swaggy combos

-Higher execution needed to land her higher-damage combos
-Flippin Out is practically useless, aside for some very niche situations

Yaas Queen:
+AMP Shoulder Charge gives a high-damage combo ender, and an additional Krushing Blow option when blocked late
+AMP Energy Burst easier to set up combos since the opponent will be grounded, and you don't need to time your attack with a falling opponent like with AMPed Kneecappin

-Only zoning tool is the universal Dual Wielding
-While Kneecappin and Air Bullet Barrage are good enough without meter, Energy Burst only really has utility when AMPed in a combo since it has limited range and is punishable on block
-Cannot counter-zone nearly as well due to the lack of Kneecappin