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Discussion in 'Cassie Cage' started by Vslayer, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    So we finally got to see Cassie Cage shown off in all her badass but totally adorable glory. We got a story trailer, a Cage Family trailer and a Kombat Kast with 2 character breakdowns. That was honestly a lot of stuff and I'm happy they decided to kick it up a notch because the wait time between reveals was getting pretty stale, especially when they only showed one character per KK.

    I want to point out how insane it is that you can change a character's playstyle from in your face to zoner with the custom variations. I think it'll bring a lot of variety in the game, especially since now we can make our own and sort of get a mix between both those styles of play. They haven't shown off every move that she has yet, 16 Bit talked about how she had different types of bubbles and other stuff that will help her either increase damage on combos (the bubble I'm guessing) or extend them or both, I'm not too sure.

    The one thing I'm curious about tho is if you can combo off of her enhanced low gunshot, if so, then that means she has two good combo starters. One is a regular string, the other being an enhanced special (that we've seen so far). She will definitely have more tools to counter zoners which I'm really stoked about and a completely different way to get damage and do combos.

    Personally, I will play her with that shoulder charge, the low gunshot and either the flying drone kick or the bubble, but I can't say for sure without trying her myself because her move set is almost completely different and it looks really interesting.

    What do you guys think of Cassie so far? Everyone and their grandmother knew I was going to main her, but what about you guys? Did the reveal and complete re-design change your mind on her?
  2. ImperatrixSindel

    ImperatrixSindel Too bad YOU... will DIE!
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    She looks great. The only thing I'm missing is the baton, which was really satisfying to wallop people with in MKX. I get that we have Jade swinging a huge staff around this time, but a couple baton slaps would've been fun for Cassie too.
  3. Sugarwatermixlegit

    Sugarwatermixlegit A tad bit obsessed with Cassie Cage

    I've been watching the footage back, and the one thing I love the most about her so far is that the kustom moves we've seen seem to change her playstyle more than any other character on the roster! I'm probably going to rock with a more defensive loadout, for sure with the low gun shot and the drone flying in and out thingy. I see myself using the shoulder charge too.
  4. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous Talk to the hand.
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    fucking amazing , all that I say ! that green orb "AoE" timing damage move is sick , they make her beautiful look and agile as hell .... pretty cool character .... looks as a very strong zoner in this game ! :cool:
  5. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    I like how her wakeup attack is a nutpunch
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  6. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    The sound the baton made was so satisfying, I'm sad that b2,1,2 * d 1+2 is gone :(
  7. Kal

    Kal <3

    She looks wonderful, not feeling that drone though. That's the kind of shit they should have kept for Sonya.
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  8. Scyther

    Scyther Mortal Kombat-phile
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    Cassie looks 1000x better than she did in MKX, and I honestly love the new voice actress. She's spunky, arrogant, and ultimately badass.

    Glad she made the cut, even if it was pretty much a sure thing. :)
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  9. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    I agree but I do like how she uses it to kick and richoches bullets off of.
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  10. CallMeTetris

    CallMeTetris draxx them sklounst

    I love Cassie herself but honestly I'm not really sold on the drone yet, especially how much it seems to dominate her moveset - it features in like, over half of her custom moves. I just kinda feel like she's such a strong personality on her own, the drone emphasis kinda just feels like an unnecessary gimmick? Maybe it's just me.

    Also super curious on that amplified lowshot, it looks juuuust maybe possibly like it recovers fast enough to act like a launcher? it's hard to tell for sure but the pessimist in me feels like they would have shown it on the kast if that were the case. I hope it is though, i definitely favor hitconfirmable launchers/extenders so something besides her launching string is my biggest hope. There is a thing in the trailer (right before fatal blow) where drone seems to stun them, so if that's something you can combo into it seems like a good way to go.

    I'll be going for whatever the most offense/combo-friendly variation is, ideally something with that drone stun and shoulder charge.
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  11. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    She's looking great. I'm glad to see most of her moves from MKX are back, some in different ways. But she is gonna feel familiar in that regard.
    I'd get rid of the drone tho.
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  12. Metin

    Metin White Ramses

    good to see Sonya's 4th variation.
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  13. ImperatrixSindel

    ImperatrixSindel Too bad YOU... will DIE!
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    I actually think it fits Cassie better than Sonya -- they should have kept Sonya more classic and given more of the modern technology tools to Cassie, which fits her Gen Z soldier schtick.
  14. AZ MotherBrain

    AZ MotherBrain Premium Supporter
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    I’m trying to hit it. Cassie looks great
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  15. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    I mean you can say that all day, but the only style of play that's similar is if you play keep away and zone. Literally every other move/variation is different and Cassie has none of her mother's moves (which makes me wonder why they didn't give Sonya her leg grab and kiss). Cassie has a mix of gun-fu and her green energy abilities.
  16. Lmao
  17. Sugarwatermixlegit

    Sugarwatermixlegit A tad bit obsessed with Cassie Cage

    Idk how I feel about the drone. It doesn't make much sense to me considering Sonya already has a pet robot in her moveset, but I do like how Cassie uses hers for some nut shots and the bouncing bullets off of it. That stuff for sure still sticks to her character and doesn't make her 100% military grunt.
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  18. HeroesNZ

    HeroesNZ Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy

    Definitely one of my two characters, she'll either be my main or my secondary depending on how Erron plays. Her personality is just too litty to not play her Kreygasm

    I'm interested in the drone control special and whether it has any pressure/combo potential. Seems pretty useless from fullscreen, though I wonder what the attacks are like on block up-close. It takes up two slots though so if it's not worth it I'm def not using, can't wait to lab that shit

    Otherwise I'm def using low-shot. Gives a 50/50 with her OH string and even if it doesn't launch it'll be a great counter-zoning tool in a game where damn near everyone has a straight projectile, and it knocks down on hit so people have to play her game. If the drone control sucks then I'd use low shot with the cyborg grapple and one other move

    Btw we know all of Cassie's moves but one now, here we can see all her specials:

    The energy burst was seen near the end in her trailer, the bullet ricochet has been in random tower videos - it's basically just Erron's coin shot from MKX. The only one we don't know is Energy Bounce
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  19. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    The green bubble is a huge fuck up in design.


    It's center should be at the middle of the track that the characters are standing on, but instead it's in front of them. When someone is inside the bubble you don't get the sense that they are standing inside it, and when they leave there is no effect to indicate that they passed through it.
    Instead of being a much wider sphere that encompasses both characters, it is misaligned and also looks very flat and 2D.
    This shit needs to get fixed.
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  20. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    Maybe I'm an idiot but I don't see it? Doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
  21. BecomingDeath13

    Premium Supporter

    So ..... Cassie is bae.

    I fucking love her. I'm pretty meh on the drone and will probably opt for a loadout that uses it as little as possible, but it does fit her personality the way she uses it. I'm more excited about pretty much every thing else.

    Erica Lindbeck did an awesome job as her VA, and I dig her new voice, but it's kinda jarring for me because it's not Ashly Burch. I'll definitely get used to it though.

    I cannot fucking wait to get back to the Cassie v Kano rivalry Greg and I had with mkx for all these years.
  22. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan savagery is no match for skill

    She looks great, definitely gonna have to try some Cassie in this game
  23. Alec

    Alec Noob

    I am very happy with what I've seen, always liked Cassie, and will definitely try her in this game.
    Can't understand those who said she looked better in MKX, she looks great. Would appreciate hairstyle options though.

    Very happy for all Cassie fans, and, of course, specially @Vslayer
  24. Irishcyke

    Irishcyke Noob

    I mean her face in X looks like a ps3 game compared to 11. I also much prefer her VA this time round.
  25. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Noob

    Having two twin like blond characters seems like a redundant waste of space to me. I don't mind Cassie but I do mind Cassie and Sonya. I thought Cassie was Sonya from the past when I saw the trailer, like they did with Johnny.
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