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Can't jump in 2 233


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Anyone figure out why it isn't possible to jump in with a Jump 2 into 2334 but you can with a Jump 1 into 2334?

I always thought I was terrible at timing it, but i now see that if you vanilla it, as in hit 2 twice by accident but follow up with 334, it won't register. So it seems to register that same rule for jump in, thus a bug?

Seems like it doesn't like the double 2 at the beginning even if it's in a legit jump in.
That timing in unusually strict considering it's for the 334 and not the 2, but i adjusted the timing and got it working, thanks!
Double tapping the j2 works as well if you prefer that method. Just make sure it's only a double tap and wait to see the s2 animation before trying to 33.
As long as the s2 combos you're golden.