Canada Cup 2012 - Mortal Kombat Streaming Tonight @9PM-11PM

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    Today in Canada has begun the "Canada Cup 2012" in Calgary, Alberta Canada. With many fighters being played in this tournament along with Mortal Kombat, this tournament is set to wrap-up for the most part with Top 8's being streamed tomorrow for several games. Mortal Kombat has been given the stream time slot of 9PM-11PM EST which is likely to be Mortal Kombat's Top 4 or Top 8.

    Some of the top and most recognizable players tonight feature STB ShujinkyDink, EG Justin Wong, NYChris G, Jimmy Potato and many more.

    For those who have an interest in the full schedule for the Canada Cup, look just below at the full schedule via Canada-Cup.Ca. The link to view Mortal Kombat will be 2 or view the stream via Test Your Might here.
    Thanks to Pig Of The Hut for the reminder!​

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  2. Interesting to hear Angel's KOF2k2 them in the background. Wonder if someone is playing it or if it's just being used for show.
  3. BS3OOO

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    I need more xSmokex in my life.
  4. Pig Of The Hut

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    I believe he is eastern canada
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  5. BTW, this is the first time I've ever seen a stream where you had to subscribe to chat. I never chat on these streams but I'd imagine the numbers are low because of that.
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  6. CRUM

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  7. Jer

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    MTL Jer
    Noone from EC travelled to this because MLG is next weekend >_>
  8. ZigZagGamer

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    I don't think it's that so much.
    But it's only friday afternoon, we might see a big shift tonight.
  9. MoFuzz

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    Calgary is MST, not EST. It even says this in the friggin Canada Cup site that you link to.

    In other words, MK should start in roughly 2 hours - 8pm PST, 9pm MST, 11pm EST

    Come on Americans, I know you all think we're weird and kooky, but we still go by the same time system.
  10. cedenike

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    of course you meant to say calgary is MDT, not EDT and mk should start at 11pm EDT. still daylight savings people.
  11. Immortal Kombat

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    Really looking forward to seeing Potato and Dink play. Damn, if id of known there was $20,000 in prizes id of tryed alot harder to go see Canada.

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