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Can you D2 a person off the ground in real life?


Smoke & Noob & Rain

I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm just gonna say that you can to at least some degree:

^ TRTitor Belfort VS Dan Henderson from a couple of years ago.

Now I'll watch the video and I really, really hope that they haven't used CM freakin' Punk to do the uppercutting. That guy should get nowhere near actual striking (let alone actual fighting).


Kahn Man
I don't think it's possible to do without generating some superhuman level of force in your legs, arms, and hips. Respect for the TRTitor gif btw.


Damn what a downgrade to go from DC to CM Punk lol but if I remember correctly Yoel Romero practically D2'd Rockhold off the ground while the guy was crouching in the corner


Watch this set up.
Ngannou blasting Overeem is a good example, Rumble teeing off on Little Nog, Brian Ortega’s KO over Frankie Edgar

This dude