Can we get a WIFI warning indicator?

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by TackyHaddock, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. TackyHaddock

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    I won't use the P word here, but for online play can we please have a mechanism to expose the unwired bottomfeeders? Even with the miracle of GGPO netcode, WIFI players may go unnoticed until you start the match with them (without a WIFI indicator that shows up immediately when you are paired to play). For example in MKX, it may say 50 or 60 ms right when you are paired, but once you start playing it waffles between 50 and 550 ms due to their WIFI connection.

    Maybe the technology isn't there yet, but would be amazing to know from the outset what you are getting yourself into in a match.

    If this is not possible, can everyone who plays MK11 online please get a fucking wire? Thanks!
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  2. UGL Preon

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    Injustice 2 in fact has a WiFi indicator. Unfortunately with Ranked if you get paired with one you are stuck with the match, but you can see the Wifi Indicator before the character select screen even shows up
  3. TackyHaddock

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    Good sign! That it least shows the tech is possible, can't see a reason why they wouldn't carry that forward here.
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    I'd be surprised if MK11 doesn't have it after IJ2 did, but this feature always seemed like a bit ambiguous to me. I'm pretty sure if the players are using the 'connect by ethernet' option but is also using a wireless bridge, the console/game wouldn't recognize it.

    Don't get me wrong, a Wi-Fi indicator helps to avoid some potentially unstable connections, sure, but I wouldn't necessarily breathe a sigh of relief if I'm matched with someone who it doesn't come up for. There's still a variety of reasons a connection could be unstable.

    In any case, I'm confident the vast majority of people of this site have the common sense to use an ethernet cable if they play MK11 online.
  5. JBeezYBabY

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    DOA 6 took that method and made online indicators visible before you accept the match or not. So its definitely possible and have a strong feeling MK11 will do the same :)
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  6. Jhonnykiller45

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    Injustice 2 had it, see no reason why MK11 wouldn't as well.
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  7. TopTierHarley

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    This didn't warrant a thread. Could have made a post and asked if it was in the last game.
  8. Lex Luthor II

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    On ranked you are only given the option to say "no thanks" if they are yellow bars, two out of four. But if they are wifi and 3 or 4 our of 4 bars (green) then you have to play. It'd be nice if i could see WiFi on ranked and no matter what be able to be like teehee no thanks bye felicia no re.
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  9. sub_on_dubs

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    Wi-fi players should be banned from online play. I'm using my wall-plug in. Surprisingly, I have a better connection with my wall plug-in than I do with direct connect. Don't know why that is.
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  10. TackyHaddock

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    whoa, is that similar to one of those hot spot things?
  11. I get much better connection using a WiFi adapter on my pc than I did using PoE. My WiFi connection is really good on 5Ghz.

    I used to be one of these people that would never use wi-fi for anything if I could use ethernet instead .
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  12. sub_on_dubs

    sub_on_dubs Nerf me till I'll melt

    I don't think so. They give you two wall plug ins and one goes from the router to the plug in and other from the console to the plug in allowing you to play in a different room from your router. You can google it. It's really easy to set up.
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  13. It's Power over Ethernet.
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  14. Xelz

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    While I support a WiFi indicator, the impact of WiFi on latency is way overstated. I play fighting games on my consoles, which are directly connected to my router, but my gaming PC is on WiFi, and it connects through two interim nodes in a mesh network to reach my router. In other words, my PC is essentially connecting to the WiFi on one node, which routes its traffic to the WiFi on another node, which relays the signal again to the WiFi on the main router - pretty much a worst case WiFi scenario. I used Ping Plotter to monitor latency and packet loss to my router and to the modem.

    The net impact of this WiFi daisy chain? 5ms latency or less between my PC and the router and no more than 3ms between the router and the modem, all with 0% packet loss. And there’s no deviation above those maximums; I run Ping Plotter non-stop while gaming on my PC and those values remain perfectly consistent.

    If your WiFi opponent has latency problems or lag spikes, either their internet connection is bad or their WiFi isn’t set up correctly. Also, what surprises many people is that wireless signals can actually produce lower latency than wired. Fixed wireless ISPs, for example, can provide sub-10ms latency internet to homes with a clear fresnel zone and reasonable proximity to the radio.
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  15. Lex Luthor II

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    I am sure all of that is true, but I--and I think most would agree--believe MOST of my connection issues come with people on WiFi.
  16. +1, the hate on wifi is over the top. a well set up wireless connection will run so good wired players won't know the difference without an indicator.

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