C. Sub. aaHp Freeze or aaHp Ground Freeze?

Discussion in 'Classic Sub-zero' started by ButtManV3, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. ButtManV3

    ButtManV3 Noob

    I have a question regarding C. Sub and his punishers. Is it wiser to use aaHp Freeze or aaHp ground Freeze?
  2. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador

    If it's easy for you to do a GC than go with aaHP Freeze, aaHP Freeze, get to corner aaHP, HP, JK, RH, HK. Otherwise, aaHP ground freeze + SUJK to auto combo, JK, Slide = more damage.

    So Ground Freeze > Freeze
  3. aaHP ground freeze... unless in a corner where it wont work. then suJK 4 hit pop up, JK, slide... or if you can 4 hit pop up, run burst aaHP, JK, slide. Cant do that to all opponents though.
  4. agent007

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    aahp freeze aahp aahp jk slide-43%
    aahp ground freeze jks 4 hit popup jk slide-51%


    aahp freeze aahp aahp jk rh hk-67%
    aahp freeze aahp aahp jk rh lk-65%
    aahp freeze aahp aahp jk rh slide-60%
    aahp ground freeze jks 4 hit popup jk rh hk-63%

    As you can see midscreen its more beneficial to go with the ground freeze after the aahp. I almost always leave off the slide and do a deep jk then go back to rushdown. If they jump and you do a lp you can catch them with it then another ground freeze.
  5. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    You want them on the ground so you can combo them.
    C. Subs traps can easily win a match.
    Just do what Agent said and keep them in the combo, jk, lp setup
    (Don't forget to launch a sujk or jp. 10-12% every time.... SOME PPL DONT DO THIS!)


    Also, if your opponent if the type that doesn't block so that you can't hit them with the lp push back for the ground freeze, you can wiff an early hp, then ground freeze.

    Mix up with the regular freeze if your opponent jumps back to get out of it. (Which is a bitch to do, for them)
  6. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    Mid screen I would always advise going for the ground freeze, near the corner the regular freeze depending on the character. There's a timing you can practice for glitch cancling the ground freeze off 2 HPs so that if you don't get it on the 2, you'll still get the 1 into a combo. aaHPHP, gcGround Freeze, HKS, 4 hit pop up, deep JK, HK = 10 hits 62%, works on Male Ninjas teleports, Stryker's Baton Dash. Vs Kung's Dive Kick, I would suggest attempting the ground freeze to relaunch infinite everytime because he is VERY easy for Sub to relaunch. You should have no trouble ending virtually any round off one bad Dive Kick if you practice it a bit, but even still at least a 62% combo is easily possible with one relaunch.

    Depending on how close you are to the corner and the opponent, you might be able to get better damage with the air freeze since there will be no damage protection. Also remember if your opponent is too close to the corner you cannot do the ground freeze at all. I've see some players attempt it similarly to seeing players go for a Force Ball with Reptile after JPS, 3 hit pop up (results in standing HPs or Acid Spit). aaHP even vs a jumping attack with C Sub is golden. Use it often. Don't forget that you have the option of the cross up JPS during the Ground Freeze. If you are in the corner and get a free aa situation, do aaHP, ground freeze, cross up JPS and combo a juggle into the corner rather than juggle them out of the corner with something half as damaging. A similar error I see made with Kabal. Free spin situation when Kabal winds up in the corner, and then they just do his 5 hit combo, JK, AFB, no starter, not even thinking to push the spin and cross up to corner juggle resulting in up to 2.5x more damage.

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