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Bypassing Superman's zoning online


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Duck and keep walking forward. Lex's dash is too slow to try and get in on straight lasers. When you get in jump range, you can probably catch him with j3, though Lex is a big body and may be harder for you than other characters.

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Thanks all.

I can avoid it by ducking, but whenever I try to do anything I get hit...it's just so fast.

I can barely make any distance by walking, not before he gets enough meter to MB ground/air laser and send me back.

As I stated in the OP, air corpcharge isn't successful for me as Lex can be hit before he is in the air. It may work better offline.
Show us gameplay again and we will judge it bro preferably without ragequits

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Hold back and down, then walk. Repeat.

If he wants to MB it and waste his meter, let him. Patience!


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If he does HZ, armor up and dash forward. Heat vision, forward jump. Air heat vision nuetral jump and corp charge at the pinnacle of it to maximize your time in the air, if you're lucky enough you'll be able to corner carry him

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Where there is smoke, there is cancer.
Here's the best Lex vs the best Superman

Not sure if there is any supes zoning, didn't actually watch this ahaha

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Where there is smoke, there is cancer.
I've tried this, but I just get hit ANY time I tried to so something. I'm not being impatient about it...as patient as I am, as carefully aas I try to time it...I get hit. I will try and record it the next time it happens. I really think it has to be my internet connection.
What's hitting you?


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I didn't know there would be any more posts in this forum lol

Anyway, dealing with his zoning isn't that bad. Don't listen to @EGP Wonder_Chef haha. You can backdash his lasers on reaction. While this doesn't help you get in, you can actually hold trait and backdash on reaction to the laser and keep your trait with that. From there, you can either try to zone him back or put up probes to help you get in with your armor. He can trait as well, of course, to nullify yours. But if he does that you can kinda just lame him out if he's still trying to throw lasers until it's gone or you find an opening. Lex's trait outlasts his and iirc has faster recovery so you'll eventually get your opportunities. Superman doing this also wastes his trait for potentially better opportunities, so you might sometimes get hit but you won't take any damage regardless with the lvl 3 up.

That's my main strategy, but if you're just trying to get in normally, you need to duck the straight lasers and jump the ground laser. When you make it to about midscreen you're in j3 range and have a few more normal options to beat him out. It all comes down to getting a good understanding of the lasers' timing and his recovery.