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Brutalities at Different Angles Using Camera Mod

The Ultimate

aka CommandThrower
Is that Baraka leg beatdown brutality new? It it one of his Kombat League brutalities? I've only started playing KL this month.

Art Lean

Although it's awesome seeing all the extra details you can't always make out from the side-on view, I'm glad Brutalities are how they are; I enjoy the suddenness of them and they're an unexpected visceral moment that ends the fight without warning.

However I do REALLY wish this was how fatalities looked. Less excessive, more simple, viscerally brutal; just a simple change of camera angle following by a monstrously violent finishing move. I do love how this camera hack makes them look like MK9 fatalities, which for me is how all fatalities should be presented rather than an overblown, ridiculous, cinematic cut-scene.


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
NRS should take a look at these... some random camera angles would really liven up the enders...