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Broken xbox, no more hiddens

My xbox went to hell recently, so naturally I went that day and got a new one. After re-downloading UMK3 the old methods of saving hiddens no longer works! I can unlock them one after another and play that session with the hidden characters... but ANYTIME I leave the game.. with the in-game menu my screen settiongs are gone along with the hidden characters.

Previous method that saved hiddens was unloacking each character one by one leaving the game via in game menu after each character until all 3 were unlocked. Then always going to Arcade character select screen before XBLA play preserved the hidden characters for Live.

Nothing works.... It's like my new box refuses to save a data file in the UMK3 directory (example: even screen adjustment settings wont save)

Anybody else on their second box.. second copy of UMK3 having these problems?


Many people have been saying the same thing. I've still never unlocked the characters even though I have two controllers lol.

On a side note, when ILP made the account ultimatemk com, he gave me the info and I recovered it on my xbox. When I played, the characters were still unlocked.


Nope, because I know I'd forgot to play on arcade mode first before going to a live match constantly and have to unlock again anyway.
hmm.. so you have heard of this already shock?

I know you've played on my host several occasions, and besides rare accidental "joining locked hosts" or "XBL play before Arcade" my hiddens have always been unlocked. So... I really just don't know what else to say... besides "wow" this is annoying.

It's almost like once you've collected all the achievements for a game, it no longer writes config files to your xbox? In my case, it will no longer write a file saying my hiddens have been unlocked, or my screen settings. I'm sure if there was button mapping it wouldnt save it either.

very upsetting. will probably call xbox customer support tomorrow and find out how the xbox is saving arcade data to the hard drive / gamer account


I have a special profile dedicated to my hidden characters on my 360. If I lose them on my L SuGaR L GT I always have at least two other profiles I can get it back on without having to do the stupid Ultimate Kombat Kode crap.


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I've just made a habit of mashing the hell out of the A button during the loading screens. This way I always jump right into Arcade Mode without even having to consciously think about it. Then I'm just like "oh yeah" and I quit out of it and my hiddens remain safe. But they srsly gotta fix this man.
I've heard many people say it's due to the fact that after your xbox breaks or if you HD breaks your basically playing the demo version which can't save anything because it resets every time. Did you break your Hard drive or just your 360?