Breakdown of the Black Manta Stream by TYM Mod, CrazyFingers

Discussion in 'Black Manta' started by CrazyFingers, Sep 8, 2017.

By CrazyFingers on Sep 8, 2017 at 5:05 PM
  1. CrazyFingers


    Hello all! As you may or may not know, Black Manta was revealed today and a ton of people seem to be really excited for him. From what I saw, he seems like a neutral, midranged character with really strong mobility and counter zoning tools (aka a dream come true for me) His gear looks dope and overall, a perfect representation of Black Manta. However as you also know, they don't JUST cover the new character in these streams. So, what else did they cover? Well legendary gear of course! So what were we told?
    • Each character gets one piece of legendary gear.
    • It is ALWAYS the accessory slot.
    • Stats are always the same.
    • They do some CRAZY thing to your character.
    Awesome stuff for making your character look cool, and awesome stuff for casuals and ya know, who needs an air dash anyway right? SO, other things mentioned on stream include the coming addition of hood gear for Green Arrow which I'm sure many people are screaming in joyous unison about that. They also mentioned that some DLC characters will definitely receive Premier Skins (Static Premier Skin? Eh?) Other than that it was your typical character reveal stream that may or may not have crushed my soul into a million pieces but that's neither here nor there. If you want to watch everything for yourself be sure to take a look at the VoD by clicking on this link

    Please discuss the hype flightless stream in the comments below, would love to hear your thoughts on Black Manta and the lack of a competitive air dash.
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Discussion in 'Black Manta' started by CrazyFingers, Sep 8, 2017.

    1. Steven_a
      r u still gonna play swamp ass?

      Black Manta looks lit
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    2. D. R.
      D. R.
      Obligatory RIP Swamp Thing...

      Carry on. :(
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    3. CrazyFingers
      i'll play both. Manta looks super dope but I love Swampy.
    4. Tweedy
      Do you guys really think air dash was a buff tho? I feel like he's too slow to do anything more than just get him in trouble.
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    5. CrazyFingers
      it's just really sucky. that they would show something like that. and go "lul psyche"
    6. Espio
      It's a legendary gear augment, not a competitive addition.
    7. Tweedy
      I know but they're mourning a bill of a buff anyways imo.
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    8. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      Hype for not another zoner
    9. D. R.
      D. R.
      It would have been a massive buff in dealing with zoners, especially if they addressed a few of his frame issues, i.e. unsafe log kick, plus frames on f3, etc. Swamp Thing surprisingly has decent staggers, he just needs to get in. Won't know now.


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    10. Tweedy
      Idk I think the zoners would have just reacted to his air dash and anti aired 10/10. Air dash isn't even that good on Firestorm for example and he has faster jump normals than Swamp Thing.
    11. CrazyFingers
      i think the range on J2 and J3 might have helped but yea, we'll never know lol
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    12. sithari
      Did they just deconfirm the suicide squad Harley gear? Please tell me it ain't so.
    13. D. R.
      D. R.
      ST j2 club doesn't have a hurtbox so it's not being AA'd if spaced properly. Also Air Dash would have helped his set ups midscreen post GT(2) and would make his corner potentially stupid. Character is just shit in this meta. He always has to take a risk and the reward is minimal. That's not smart character design. I'd like to play this game competitively but having multiple 3-7 match ups is not fun nor worth the investment of my time.
    14. CrazyFingers
      Worth my time tho!
    15. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      The amount of stuff characters can do in this game that'll never see the light of tournament day is depressing.

      That being said, I was not ready for how good Manta looks.
      I'm sorry I ever doubted him.

      Skarlet and Sektor, sitting in a tree,
      Done fucked around and made a Black baby,
      First comes Teleport, then come the knives,
      Here comes Manta, to end all our lives.
    16. D. R.
      D. R.
    17. EntropicByDesign
      Man, he looks legit pretty damn amazing. Was it.. f2? That lunging attack? Damn......

      I am SO looking forward to trying him out.
    18. Jaku2011
      Wait so the air dash was gear? People still defend this stupid system being a thing?
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    19. Vigilante24
      So is Manta a power or gadget character?
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    20. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      I'm really excited about the Legendary Gear and the Legendary Multiverse. Yes it's not for the completion-est type of a player who wants to complete everything in the game or at least as much as possible as you need to do so much work just to get the Legendary Gear for a single character, but the reward of getting a Gear that can give you a huge buff in the non-competitive era seems really awesome. I'm gonna get the Sub-Zero, Starfire and Poison Ivy ones, and if Shredder does make it to FP3, I'll get his too. Raiden might be an extra.
    21. gibster13
      F2 has me hard.

      I love my f2s
    22. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      I got some really important details regarding the Legendary Multiverse everyone. After trying it myself for a bit with Batman I figured out how you need to progress with the requirements for it to advance in the Legendary Multiverse for your character:

      1) All of the requirements listed in the Legendary Multiverse ladders (like getting 100 Supermove Finishes with Batman) can be done only in the regular Multiverse mode. So if you go to the Single Fight mode, even if you win a match with a Supermove Finish, it won't count, but if you it in a match in the regular Multiverse mode, it will count.

      2) You don't need to get the requirements in the same order listed in the Legendary Multiverse.

      3) All of the requirements for all of the 4 ladders in each Legendary Multiverse event will filed at the same time. So for example if the third ladder in that event tells you to win 1000 matches with that character, you don't need to finish the first two ladders to finally start complete that particular requirement as well as other requirements, all of them will be filled as you complete requirements for the other ladders as well.

      4) And of course like Tyler Landsdown said on the stream, everything that is listed at the requirement section that you might've done so far, won't count at all. Only from today it counts.

      That's it for now, if you are interested in getting the Legendary Gear, that's what you should do. I'm not sure if online matches do count or not, but I assume they don't. :)
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    23. Zoidberg747
      I still wasn't impressed by black manta at all. I think his harpoons are going to be easy to dodge and I think his trait is gimmicky as hell. The rockets seem like they would easily be avoided too. My intitial impression is he might bemid to low tier, but maybe he has really good frame data or something.
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    24. Legion DC
      Legion DC
      yeah. I'm kind of with you on this.
      I was looking at his teleport too. He teleports in front of the opponent?? Seems easy to block but it does looks fast. His trait is so so. I don't see people relying on that much on a few characters. He looks i-ight but I don't think people should worry much about him

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