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    Brazil may have a more active scene than we realzie or at least have a very smart community thinking of ways to keep it alive and strong. That is where "Top Player Kombat Brazel" comes in. What is it? It's been an initiative to keep the community strong, active by bringing your friends to play and chat. It also greatly benefits those who cannot travel or at least as much as they would like to in order to compete in tournaments. Here is some addtional information about this "project" and some videos to give you a first hand look at this project in the works. Thanks to EL FUERTE BRAZI for all of the info and video!

    What is it?

    TPKBR (Top Players Kombat Brazil) is an initiative to keep the community active and Mortal Kombat bring your friends to play and chat. Why participate in online matches? - Easy to play against several people. (Many can not travel) - Talk with friends. (Much laughter in KOTH) - Despite the lag so much to learn. (Many players use as a form of training) - Keeping the community active. (If you really like the game will understand) What is proposed? Conducting challenges KOTH 1x1 or rooms with private or not, and weekly events. KOTH Prices and rooms 1x1? days and times will be set for the creation of the room and it will be recorded or even broadcast via streaming. When recorded will be recorded by the player or can ask for help from a third to record the match. How Events? will set a date and time each week to carry out the challenges. As KOTH to be recorded or transmitted via streaming. It will be separated by Main Event (2) Co Main Event (3) Ex: Main event: Mr Diogo rafAw x x Mr Philip Poto Co Main event: Kisoro x LordKlaha Biruta Panque x Jazz x OtteNx How do the challenges. 1.You sign up. 2.Choose a person to challenge the list, send the day you can play and is able to record the game or not. 3.The person challenged answers whether to accept the challenge. 4.E scheduled the challenge even if a player can shoot the challenge I will be able to record as a third thus making a KOTH for this. 5.e performed best in the challenge of 5 (FT5) 6.Posta the topic and the result is Video editing done to put the fight on the topic in the place reserved for it. --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ PSN or -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Rules 1.You performed best in the challenge of 5 (FT5)) who is winning 5 matches the winner of the challenge. 2.After accept a challenge the player will have 7 days to do it if you can not post on the topic will have to win 7 days or more, or choose to challenge that can be done. 3.Na time of challenge to choose as soon as the characters and not goofing off because people will always have a recording, not to curl the challenger and the player who's helping to write it ok. 4.Jogar lag.Claro online is to accept that sometimes have a little lag or will not give so much lag to play. 5.Seja polite, did not play against to send a message saying it will not start to perform the x or y due 6.Respeite the agenda, if you can not play days combined please notify the player or the person who will record one clown is waiting to enter the person live or psn. 7.Caso the fall to play psn or live 5 tera me to log in again if they return will not challenge I hope that at least one explanation of why. 8.The the principle challenge will be performed and recorded by the player. 9.When someone can transmit the video stream will be scheduled in advance and will have X amount of games depending on the availability of the person owner of the stream. 10. Any comments, suggestions or criticism can help change the rules and challenges. 11. I hope that everyone understands the idea and participate. ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

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    I hope people enjoy our videos :)
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    Today i will record 2 FT7.... its allways good to have some MK to watch!!
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    good luck to all brazilian fellows !! :D
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