Brazil Gets Hype For Mortal Kombat 9!

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    In South America, Brazil recently had a huge event in might I add that was in a huge venue. Mortal Kombat 9 was a game played there and it even got on the big screen. Now, I am unsure who is playing in these matches and some of the matches may not even be that easy to see, but the whole essential reason we are promoting these videos is the "hype" that they bring. Check it out, there are two match videos and a video that gives you a tour of this monstrous venue that looks like an "Evo" size?


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  2. lmfao, 00:38 on the last vid = sleepyhead

    but daaaaammmmnnnnnnn brazil gets extra hype
  3. Pound IC

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    hype for sure but horrible play
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    que buena convocatoria en el torneo , todos mirando nuestro querido mortal kombat
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  5. Panque

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    Didn't hear about any top players that went to this... That might explain the horrible gameplay. WP Cup 2012 was the real deal tho, but less hype :(
    Campus Party is a tech event, lots of nerdy casual players there, I guess that explains the extra hype. Cool stuff indeed.

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