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Brainiac S1 whiffing issues


Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
Braniac's S1 is a 7 frame high and his D1 grants 12 hit advantage. Despite that, Brainiac can only get his S1 to jail from D1 on big body characters. For every other character in the game it will completely whiff, which prevents him from getting pressure using his S1 strings like most other characters can. If Brainiac could do his 113 off of his d1 more consistently it would be a boon to his pressure and would encourage those of us with 12th level intellects to do less D1 spam. There's also an expectation for it to jail so it would be better for newer players as well and would simply be more consistent. Here's the list:

Hellboy*, Swamp Thing, Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Darkseid*, Bane*, Scarecrow, Brainiac

Asterisk(*) means that it will whiff if you do the S1 too early, you can still jail but you have to time it properly.

So out of the entire cast, Brainiac can only jail his S1 from D1 against the eight big body characters.

There's other stuff too, his S1 will whiff on most characters after Beta Strike and Beta Bomb because of the hit reaction, which can cause some wonkiness when trying to combo or pressure. Certain move's animations on block cause S1 to whiff which can rob Brainiac of a good punish, such as Catwoman's Cat Dash. And there's some strange stuff that can happen when you do JI2~1 near the same frame that Beta Strike/Bomb hits. Here's a voice-overless video showing off some of this stuff.

Would be great to see this cleaned up, you could even call it a bug fix!