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Match Footage Brady vs Denzel

The funny thing about this is that his brother is the only one exposed here, talking shit and praising him out of proportion. Tom Brady just wrecked him with no compassion, he is that good. Congratulations.

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Can we even play sub anymore? Like I feel like me trying to play sub is akin to well, any scrub in the NBA trying to be famous for the Skyhook. Holy fuck man. normally the sub v sub match is uber lame. But with all the animosity and TriForce on the mic. Holy shit....all I can say.

Well one more...

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lmao who is the second commentator? Triforce? Half of me wants him to shutup and the other half is laughing hard


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Triforce had that commentary hype as hell. Tom Brady is the best strategy minded sub zero player. That is why he won. Yall may say Tom is laming the match out when he really setting you up for you on down fall. Good job both players tho. I know i would have be frustrated playing Tom with how patient he is.


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That was awesome I knew Brady would take it. No doubt that DZT is the more exciting to watch but yeah Tom IS Sub. Man did he look nervous after that clutch first match! Rep on the line and all...

Oh and that commentary.... Daaaaaaaaaaym


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someone thinking they can beat brady in a sub mirror is the folly of the unwise

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DJT didnt learn at all, was obvious he was gonna get 5-0'd after the 2nd game.

I wouldnt even count him as the 2nd best SZ purely because of that.


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That was absolute text book from Tom, proving he is the best Sub Zero in the business, and it was an excellent watch aswell, I was expecting it to be a complete drag.

It was essentially Defence with Tom, VS Offence with DIT, and it clearly didn't work for DIT, and of the few times that DIT had a life lead, he never sat on it, not even once, he fucking Sub Zero for christ sake...

I think the 5-0 and the baby says it all.