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Match-up Discussion Boxy's Chart Of Matchup For Fighting Of Sub-Zero.

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Why is she a bitch because she is good? If u embrace her she is actually a really nice person. Very lovable.

Now this is where I'm torn. I do love Kitana, in a sense. I miss her MKDA alternate pink suit every damn time I see her.
But when it gets to the point that literally every step I take could end in me literally eating a fan with my face...I get heated.
Sgt Reed 24, that's where my hatred lies. It seems like EVERY TIME I fight Kitana, if I even so much as THINK about coming off of the ground or punishing them for doing the same, they always find a way to redecorate my skull and move faster with ther iAFans before I find enough loops through which to put them in the ice hole.

YO that Kano shit was fukin awesome!!!!!
Between Tony-T making Aussies awesome and wishing Kano was as good as he was pre-patch so I could pick him up, I felt like he deserved a little extra boost :).

A B0xy Grampa ?
I wish. I'd be more like his floating shopping list.

hey, this is the sub-zero forum! You're kind aren't allowed here!!!! :p

Now unread that and leave!
Lol I am a trespasser. I would unread it if I could......just for you......maybe........ok probably not but it was still nice of me to make the gesture right?

Lt. Boxy Angelman

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I should make another one of these for Cyrax.

If we're near the end of days for the usefulness matchup charts, I wanna send them out with a BANG.

(That joke never stops being lame.)

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Kano: Foster's is Austrailian for beer. Kano is Austrailian for duck. My mindgames > yours.
Sub lives, and Kano goes on to change his ways and begins lobbying to the Austrailian government to legalize Mortal Kombat, marijuana, and the right to not live 1,000 miles away from civilization. Upon being denied and ridiculed for his "unique" visionary situation, he massacres everyone present, declares them legal on his own behalf, and pushes Austrailia into the Indian Ocean so they can be part of the rest of the world.
Kano now runs Austrailia. No charge.
I lol'd. Too bad for Kano though...


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Love this. Thread. Kenshi, that's exactly how I feel. EXACTLY.


Haaave you met Sektor?
Well, I have to say that this is the second fucking best post today. Keep it going man, all the characters should have a matchup chart like this and this is the only matchup chart we should listen to. It makes the same sense as any other. :D
Btw will you give me the autorithy to make a boxy-like matchup chart for my cold hearted cyborg I love so much? I asked him and he would love to have one, he shat a few bombs in his excitement.

Lt. Boxy Angelman

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If there is demand, there will be a chart for anyone requested.
Shit, I've learned the cast enough/played damn near everyone in my endless quest for people I don't suck with.
It could be done :D.

And by all means, Alice, go for it. The serious business of competition could use all the laughs that can be produced.

(Which roughly translates into: Please do. I'm too shitty with Cyber-Sub to make it funny -_-.)


Show me what you can do
I'd love to do one of these for Liu, but I don't have the witty humour you do. I don't even have that much MU experience with some of the cast. (Kano, Ermac, Jax, Kano, etc.)

PS: I'll probably sig one of these things. :D