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As usual we'd like to express our gratitude to the 11 warriors who joined the Born to Fight - Rain Cup #1 this Wednesday!

Congratulations to TacoFGC, winner of the Born to Fight Rain Cup who made it against Daloul in a huge and hyped grand final.

GGs to Daloul, the French Warrior who made it to the second place and T_POD who reached the third place of the podium. Congrats to the others who gave the best of themselves as usual.

1. TacoFGC ( Grand Master, Smoke, Sektor )
2. Daloul ( Naginata, Commando )
3. T_POD ( Bone Shaper, Imposter, Kuatan Warrior, Tigrar Fury )
4. YUZU Ganondeurf ( Thundergod )
5. Air_Smokey
- vDalphanate
7. Romainp
- SNRGY_Baylight
9. BF_Bumpy
- BF_Fleyo
- Viennality_Hatschka​

Thanks to the viewers who keep supporting the Yuzu Hype for so long!

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