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Boon tweets original MKvsDC Box Art, "We also could not go with the super dark tone we wanted"


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As a huge fan of this game still today (one of the few, i'm sure), I love it. This game will always be one of my favorite fighting games, regardless of what anyone says.


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Shame this one wasn't used. It would have been godlike. Then again, my copy of the game came in an old Gamestop case for used games, so I'd be lacking the cover one way or another. :(


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It was pretty fun for casual play, but after going back now and looking at it with what we have the netcode was horrendous. DC didn't let them do much with it, it had a lot of potential but unfortunately didn't live up to expectations. Now if they would drop Gamespy for good and have their own dedicated servers or let users dedicate them, we'd be talking.