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  1. Just a little corner set-up I stumbled upon. Very ambiguous cross-up that reverses wake up. Can lead to multiple different situations to keep your opponent guessing, plus requires little to no resources. Definitely adding this to my game.
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    Ya slipping brah
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    1. Make sure to test your setups against tech roll, most high level opponents will tech roll whenever they can.
    2. Yo the restand at the end? Noice lol
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    Did you try blocking it yourself to make sure it crosses up?
  5. For sure, to get the specials to come out you have to reverse your own inputs.
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  6. This is mainly anti wake-up tech, definitely not fool proof... you can delay wake up to get out, and I'm sure a tech roll will mess it up, but if used appropriately on a read it can be very useful.
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    Wow, wouldn't it be so great if you could set AI to block left or block right (and not invert inputs on cross up)

    ON a more serious note. 33 (and i guess b13) are known to have cross up properties. but timing can be tight depending on the set up/delayed wake ups. The other down sides are your opponent could just hold down to block. and the 3 part of the string is unsafe/punishable/has a gap.

    I personally prefer jumping over into backwards fc (you can even whiff a j2 for style points before the fc)..... from fc, dTHEN2 to land on the outside of the corner/go into combo. i go into 13 fc as its good blockstring/corner combo starter.

    or (after kd) 13 backwards fc, then you can falling 2 on them. Its ambiguous enough that I confuse myself some times. And prefer to follow up with 21 (and hit confirm into a special off of that, or frame trap into d1 bf3)
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    You can just hold down to block mids.

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