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Blue Beetle Option Selects

Let me start by saying option selects are quite new to me.
(I'm not counting grapple break mashing from my soulcalibur days, I didn't even know option selects were back then)
Oooh, great idea, let me define option selects for those that don't know

Option selects are when you input something in such a way, that the game does X outcome in one situation, and Y in a second situation. Obviously, both outcomes should be semi-ideal for the situation at hand. Bane can do this a lot with his venom trait. He punches in a attack string, and then hits 4 (venom/trait). ON HIT he does the full string, leading into a combo. ON BLOCK, he stops short of the final hit (unsafe hit) of the string, and traits up w/ venom instead.

I've started making a few for blue beetle. Though, like I said originally, this is new to me. I've never tried to do inputs like this. Let me list a few, and see if anyone else can contribute. I'm not saying these are op or anything.

Jump in 2 b1 bf3 (df2 during the shield bash). If you cross yourself up on accident, it is input as a 13 fc.

After shield bash in the corner, I like to jump in 2 for a cross up attempt into b23. But, depending on spacing, some times it doesn't cross up. inputting b2 fb3 from the corner still reads as a b23.... but if you land on the wrong side its read as a f2 shield bash towards the corner.

You may be familiar with this cross up set up. df1mb dash under 33. the last 3 crosses up, and combos into d2. I like to input it as 33 shield bash, as the shield makes it safe-ish (still a gap) and only comes out if you don't cross. Meaning, if you are looking for a d2 conversion, no shield will come out.

Fc air dash could be input as db2 ff u+f ~~~ There is no risk added, and if they teleport or mb roll or something.... you jump away from them instead of just sitting there.

Jump in 3 db2 d2 is nice. Time it fast/correctly, you can get this to combo/apply pressure when you don't cross up.... And on a cross up, it will read as ji 3 d2 combo attempt......
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