Blue Beetle For People In A Hurry: LEGENDARY EDITION

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    Blue Beetle For People In A Hurry: Legendary Edition


    Blue Beetle is a character that allows immense creative freedom because of how much of a well rounded jack of all trades character he is in this game. He has very strong zoning with superb frame data alongside good normals up close, solid frame traps with float and high mobility as a result of float as well. He is incredibly safe due to shield bash, sweep, back 1 and a safe footsie tool help to compliment his footsie and chip game. He has superb jump normals in jump 1 and jump 3 that are great for air to airs, plus frames and conversions. His down 2 also heavily compliments his anti-air game and with trait he has excellent footsies, air game and even better anti-airs.


    Blue Beetle is a character for players who like to do a little bit of everything and enjoy being given a high degree of latitude in how you develop your play style. Blue Beetle is a solid character that rewards players who are highly innovative and have a very well developed neutral.


    This guide is in no way shape or form intended to be an exhaustive look at tech or set ups, its main purpose is to allow new players to pick up the character quickly and easily while sifting through the useless and less pertinent information to save time for players. The goal is for players to leave this guide with a comfortable grasp of the character so they make pick him up relatively quickly and grasp the fundamental nuances of the character.


    +High mobility

    + Good zoning

    +Extremely versatile at all ranges

    +Excellent meter build


    -Inconsistent hitboxes on some strings
    -Long whiff recovery
    -String gaps

    Core Normals:

    Down 1- 7 frames, minus 3 on block with pretty decent range this poke is very solid not only because of these traits but also because he can combo off of it into low stab for a bar or block pressure with shield bash or MB Energy Cannon allowing to set up poke into special, poke into throw and other mind games.

    Down 3- An 11 frame sweep that is -6 on block, making it totally safe. This sweep also has the ability to low profile mids like Swamp Thing’s forward 2 for example as well as some jump ins and in concert with Back 2 shield bash gives Beetle an Overhead/low mix up that while low damage is safe.

    3- A 9 frame mid that is primarily used in combos, but is also good when combined with shield bash on block or hit. It is also a reliable mid to combo into low stab.

    Down 2- A 6 frame poke that is punishable on block, but is great for anti-airs into full combo. It can also be special cancelled into projectile, low stab and shield bash for a post blocked mix up option. His fastest normal and all around great poke/gap interrupting normal. It is even more potent with trait active.

    Back 1- A 10 frame mid that is neutral on block with push back making it an ideal normal for setting up counter poke baits into forward 2, 3 for full combo or forward 2 shield bash. Back 1 is also an ideal shield bash cancel since it gives him the highest pushback making it very hard for the opponent to check him on block. His meter burn energy cannon is also a great plus, gapless option off of back 1.

    Back 2- Is a 15 frame overhead normal that is unsafe on block at -9 by itself, but when combined with shield bash gives him a safe, decent damage overhead. This and sweep give him a safe, low damage 50/50 to annoy opponents. Back 2 meter burn energy cannon is a good use for a gapless overhead into plus frames and back 2, low stab when mixed up well with back 2,3 can be a decent mix up.

    Forward 2- A 14 frame advancing mid that is safe at minus 6. It is a very potent footsie tool when combined with shield bash to give him a safe poking footsie check on opponents.

    Jump 1- This is a superb air to air and combo extender that is special cancellable on hit and block. In combination with his down 2 it creates a wall of sorts that can severely hinder characters that rely on strong air games to get started.

    Jump 2- Can be used in combos, set ups, air to airs, and cross up/mix up scenarios, this jump normal is incredibly versatile.

    Jump 3- One of his best air attacks, jump 3 can be used to create ambiguous jump in scenarios into full combos. Jump 3 cancelled into float is plus on block allowing pressure follow ups. Jump 3 by itself is also plus allowing Beetle to do jump in throw, jumps in block string and other forms of stagger pressure.

    Core Strings:

    1,1,1- This string starts up at 7 frames on the first hit making it an ideal punisher especially since it yields the most damage off MB bounce cancels for two bars or one bar combos as well. The first hit is only -1 on block, making it viable for stagger pressure scenarios into throw, walk back whiff punish or greater chip.

    Forward 2,3- A 14 frame advancing mid string that launches for full combo without meter but is unsafe on block meaning it is almost always best to cancel into shield bash unless you have a hard read on your opponent.

    Back 2,3- A string that hits overhead, overhead/cross up making it a useful option to escape the corner, mix up your back 2, low stab option and generally harass the opponent.

    1,3, 2, grab- This string has excellent utility as a whole for a variety of reasons. 1,3 which is the core part that allows Beetle to do greater combo extensions via float in trait, block pressure in both stances when combined with float and other mind games. 1,3 also allows Blue Beetle to subvert certain specials like Atom's chemicals that prevent jumps from locking him down since the string raises him off the ground naturally, it allows him to cancel into float even in neutral scenarios.

    1,3,2 is the unsafe version of this string that ends in overhead so it can be good as a cross up option on knockdown or to check people trying to get out of 1,3 pressure, but it is unsafe so it is important to be careful. The grab part of this string doesn't come out on block, but when it does it is a good ender to keep your preferred positioning.


    Shield Slam- 11 frames of start up and only -4 on block. This special is the heart of Beetle’s mace stance game and play style. It gives him a super safe advancing mid with forward 2, safe overhead with back 2 and in combination with sweep a safe 50/50 game. Shield slam off many normal attacks allows him to break armor and just be a general nuisance to the opponent. The move is super unsafe on whiff however so solid spacing and being mindful of whiffs is a must. This move is also good at punishing far out attacks, back dashes and does great chip. The pushback is immense enough to make the opponent have to guess post block making it have extensive utility.

    Energy Cannon- Blue Beetle’s ground projectile/zoning tool is a 14 frame high projectile with excellent block advantage (-3) and superb recovery. On hit, it leaves the opponent standing and is plus 15 meaning he gets a guaranteed block string off of various mids primarily forward 2 into shield bash for example mid screen. The MB version of energy cannon hits mid and is plus 2 on block, giving him pressure after on block.

    Air Energy Cannon- Slightly slower than the ground version at 15 frames, it is notably less safe on block and whiff at -25 and -26 respectively. The difference is this hits mid with its diagonal trajectory. The MB version of air energy cannon is only -7 making it safe and it hits overhead forcing the opponent to block standing.

    Blade Barrage- Blue Beetle’s low combo starter is very unsafe on block at -21 making it something you don’t want to overly abuse/rely on especially since it scales quite a bit. The common mix ups with this are Back 2, low stab or back 2,3 since back 2,3 is overhead, cross up overhead versus back 2, low stab that is overhead low. If mixed up well, you can sneak in Back 2, forward 3 MB bounce cancel for greater damage. Blade barrage allows Beetle to change to blade stance easily mid animation and continue the combo.

    Float/Air Flying Scarab- This move can only be performed in the air. Float allows Beetle to float back, forward, down, upward and an air dash esque type. This move has immense utility and can be used for counter zoning, getting in on opponents, pressure, zoning or escaping opponents. It can be made plus when coupled with jump normal attacks like jump 3 and can be canceled into air normal attacks and his air projectile, giving Beetle a great deal of layers to his play style.

    Blade Stab- This can be used as an anti-air or combo ender that side switches as the regular version. When you MB blade stab, you can extend your combos while also side switching. The damage also scales notably and blade stab is full combo punishable on block so is best used after you’ve already confirmed your combo. You can change stance mid animation of this special allowing for safe transitions as an added perk.

    Combos (All Combos Performed On Superman) * Denotes easier combo alternatives:

    Forward 2, blade stab MB, 4/trait activate, forward 3, jump 2, 3, mandible strike= 300.67 (one bar)

    Forward 2,3, jump 2, 1,1,1, shield bash= 263.64 (meterless)

    Forward 2,3, forward 3, jump 2, 3, shield bash= 283.13 (meterless)

    (Trait Active), Forward 2,3, forward 3, jump 2, 3, mandible strike= 287.26 (meterless)

    (Trait Active), Forward 2, 3, Back 3, jump 3, 3, mandible strike = 313.37 (meterless)

    Back 2/3, background bounce, back 3, jump 3, 1,1,1, shield bash= 396.31 (meterless)

    Down 1, background bounce, back 3, jump 3, 1,1,1, shield bash= 364.31 (meterless)

    1,1,1, background bounce, back 3, jump 3, 1,1,1, shield bash= 428.65 (meterless)

    Jump 1, 1,1,1 shield bash= 218.72 (meterless/anti-air)

    (Trait Active), 1,3, float cancel, jump 1, forward 2,3, 1,1,1, mandible strike= 269.19 (meterless)

    Down 2, jump 2, 1,1,1, shield bash= 211.77 (meterless)

    1,1,1, MB Blade barrage, 3, energy cannon, forward 2, shield bash= 367.36 (one bar)

    Back 2/3, MB Blade barrage, 3, energy cannon, forward 2, shield bash= 328.50 (one bar)

    Jump 3, down 1, MB blade barrage, 1,1,1, shield bash= 347.08 (one bar)

    MB Back 3, jump 3, 1,1,1, shield bash= 395.56 (one bar)

    MB Forward 3, jump 2, 1,1,1, shield bash= 361.42 (one bar)

    Back 2, MB bounce cancel forward 3, jump 2, 1,1,1, shield bash= 396.69 (two bars)

    1,1,1, MB bounce cancel back 3, jump 3, 1,1,1, shield bash= 458.26 (two bars)

    1,3, MB air energy cannon, Forward 2,3, jump 1, 1,1,1, shield bash= 340.73 (one bar/corner)

    *3/Back 2, MB blade barrage, 1,1,1 shield bash= 302.29 (one bar)

    *1,1,1, MB blade barrage, 1,1,1, shield bash=343.80 (one bar)

    1,1,1, MB bounce cancel forward 3, jump 3, , down 2, energy cannon, 3,3, shield bash= 464.84 (Two bar + corner)

    Forward 2,3, jump 2, 1,3, float cancel, jump 2, Back 1, energy cannon= 260.86 (meterless, corner, restand)

    Back 1,3, down 2, energy cannon, back 1, energy cannon= 224.78 (meterless, corner, restand)

    1,3, float cancel, jump 2, 1,1,1 MB bounce cancel forward 3, jump 3, 1,1,1, blade barrage/low stab= 428 (two bar, corner)

    Character Power: Power Blades

    Blue Beetle’s character power gives him increased range on all of his fist based attacks, allowing him hegemonic footsie range in the air and on the ground. This includes his Down 1, Down 2, Back 2, Forward 3, Back 3, Forward 2, Standing 1, Standing 2, Jump 1, and Jump 3. The trade off of his trait is that he loses his ability to zone in the air or on the ground with energy cannon. He gets his 2,1, grab transformed into a slam down ender that allows Beetle to change back into mace stance mid animation and his shield bash is replaced with mandible strike.

    2,1, grab- 2,1 is plus one on block, giving Beetle a decently ranged frame trap option he can mix up with the full string of 2,1 grab which is a great ender because it allows Blue Beetle to transition out of blade stance into mace stance.

    Mandible Strike- Starts up at twelve frames and replaces shield bash as a default move. It has great range and can punish things further out and act as a greater punisher but at the cost of being punishable on block by a large portion of the cast. Spacing can make it very hard to punish in some cases. Mandible strike side switches too, making it a good ender when active to put your opponent back in the corner or get positional advantage.

    Float/Flight Timing:

    For newer players, this is considered a major stepping stone but a rule of thumb to make it easy to get the timing down is the visual cue of seeing the jet beams from Beetle’s back disappear before inputting the next float input will give the player consistent flight cancels for pressure and mobility. This is a crucial tool to master because it amplifies his rushdown, chip and meter build while also amplifying his zoning and evasive strategies.

    Back 1 Restand + Application

    Key things about the restand: Because energy cannon is plus 15, Beetle can go for a variety of mix ups including, sweep/down 3, his back 2 overhead, Forward 2, shield bash, standing 3 and various forms of stagger pressure into mix ups making it a truly potent tool when truly mastered.

    Flight Cancels, Interactables & You

    Flight cancels as discussed previously are a crucial part of Beetle's game as well as interactables and the environment. Blue Beetle like most characters can cancel jump normals into special like flight cancel, his projectile, shield bash and other options. Proper usage of interactables and his air mix ups can open the opponent up with high damage while keeping you relatively safe. This is just a starting point, be sure to lab your options on every stage and perhaps you too can fly forever!


    I decided to make a section on gear/legendary gear, some advice and good pairings. This discussion is not intended to be exhaustive but is intended to give you a feel for how I approach combing gear when I am not using competitive mode.

    The Reach's Finest Battle Scarab
    This legendary gear allows Blue Beetle to have his power blades activated for the ENTIRE match and Blue Beetle's character power turns into his energy cannon albeit tied to a trait meter similar to Supergirl or Starfire's normal traits.

    He also gains damage shield as an added perk that gives him a 20% chance to reduce the damage he takes by 50% when hit. This gear also gives him excellent stats in all categories as seen above, but this gear is not without its cons. The fact that Beetle's safe shield bash is removed from his movelist means that the potency of blade stance and projectile stance is less striking because he loses his safe wake up, safe chip and his projectiles become tied to meter which significantly weakens his zoning so while this gear has excellent strengths, it has notable weaknesses.

    In order to help counteract these weaknesses, I recommend using Aculeus Strike for several reasons: It gives Beetle a safe mid chip based special up close and for a bar it becomes a combo launcher an while it doesn't have the wake up invincibility of shield bash, it helps make up for the absence of one of his strongest specials.

    The second one I recommend is Air Mandible Strike because it adds greater air mix ups which can help off set the reduced amount of projectiles allowed in a given time since air mandible strike hits overhead and can be combined with jump 3 into over 200 damage.

    Tips For Unlocking Legendary Gear Quickly & Efficiently:

    • The best advice I can give for the amount of effort and time investment required to get your legendary gear unlocked is to multitask. A good example of this is performing a side kick multiverse. You are going towards your goal of 150 side kick ones, your general multiverse requirement, your match victories requirement, your 1,000 minutes played, earning credits towards your 1,000,000 credits and if you are especially savvy you can further combine your efforts with doing MB mandible strike as your last hit closing move. So you are covering over five categories/requirements at a time.

    • For folks that are "In A Hurry" I advise utilizing the A.I. to assist you because many of us have jobs, family, school or other relevant responsibilities that can slow us down from completing the legendary multiverse, there's no shame in dividing up the work with your A.I. as it breaks up the tedious nature of things and allows you to work on other things in your daily grind.

    Gear Aesthetics & Workarounds:

    If you're looking to make your characters gear stats strong while also not sacrificing style or your favorite helmet, Scarab or other aesthetics, your best bet is to utilize your source crystals to get the best of both worlds: strong stats paired with your favorite looks. Each Transform requires 2,000 source crystals so this advice is mostly recommended for if you are a player like me that is a diehard Blue Beetle main and aesthetics are key to you.

    Character stats & What They Mean (Competitive/Non)

    Strength- How much damage you do to your opponent which is a fairly simple concept/take on things. Your strength attribute is tied directly to your NORMALS and this includes Back 3's/forward 3's, standing normals, and air normals.

    Ability- How much damage your special do. If your character is heavily reliant on special moves to do a lot of their damage/win then a strong ability stat makes a huge difference and in the case of Blue Beetle he uses a lot of shield bash, energy cannon and such to really hammer away at opponents. Since a lot of his combos are tied to low stab, anti-air blade stab and such it is a good attribute to keep in mind.

    Defense- The higher your defense points, the less damage you take. If your defense is significantly higher than your opponent's strength or ability, it can be much harder to defeat you in battle.

    HP/Health Points- This one is more obvious, but it's the amount of health you have. Having high health is good, but if your defense is extremely weak you can still take a lot of damage quickly from strong opponents.

    Final Words:

    This is a living guide that is subject to change with various updates in the patches and as the meta evolves organically (as this will be updated with new combo damage details Tuesday-Wednesday morning).

    If you are curious to see a variety of different play styles with Blue Beetle and the various kinds of viable strategies you can also check out Deoxy, Atai Prodigy, Hey George, Sesal Snow, Vex Chan, and many others.

    I will also provide my Youtube Channel below, I usually upload sets with this character a couple times weekly, enjoy and good luck out there with Jaime Reyes!

    My YouTube Channel:
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    1. South
      Very well wrote and neatly organized I learned a lot just from this write up alone and I'll use it in defending against beetle
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      Nice and neat. Great stuff!
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    3. The Great Red Dragon
      The Great Red Dragon
      I appreciate the choice of blue for the text
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    4. Espio
      @SneakyTortoise I didn't forget about you, life just caused this to take a bit longer AND I figured with the new patch dropping and Jaime getting his new gains that it would have been better to wait a bit longer till about the eve of patch drop day, hope this helps you out.
      Good, character guides are certainly not just for people using or maining the character, it helps us all collectively as a community to level up so I'm pleased to hear that. I'm hoping if some other characters pique my fancy to eventually do them as well (Enchantress is a possibility).
    5. God Confirm
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      This looks sweet, thank you!
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      Blue Beetle stamp of approval
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    8. Laos_boy
      Wow a quality thread on TYM?
      I don't know her.
    9. Espio
      Updated with the current patch's damage amounts.
    10. EntropicByDesign
      Awesome write up from one of the best Beetles out there.

      Question,. What do you favor for a bar off f23? Pre-patch I didn't bother much, but now we might could get some damage there. My poverty combo is like f23 f2 x db1.mb, slight step forward, B3, - and here I haven't found anything I like yet. The gravity is pretty rough. Up I can get a J2, 11 bash with reasonable consistency, but I wonder about other options.. maybe it's not worth it regardless, but we have so much meter most of the time that I don't feel too badly spending some for the extra damage... Granted you can just do an f3 after the initial f23 and eek out like.. 288? I think, meterless. But if the connection isn't good the f3 isn't a great idea.

      Beetle is about the most creative character in the game.
    11. JDE
      @Espio Nice! Good shit man. I have some friends in my local area wanting to play him. So, I'm gonna share this on my Facebook & give to him. There's also a bunch of guides being made. Someone should make a guide page thread for the newcomers!
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    12. Pan1cMode
      You can get b3 out now with the hitbox fixes. f3 is super easy too.

      This is mace stance btw.

      f23, b3, ji3, 11~bf3 is around 305 damage.

      Can also go f23, f3, ji2, 11~bf3 for ~295 but it’s more consistent.

      I’ve had no trouble with these post patch even online.

      111~df1(mb), 3~bf2, f23~bf3 now does >400

      Beetle has big boy damage for a bar now :D

      I still don’t see much incentive to use db1 in combos but maybe I’m going about it wrong?

      Also, you can quite easily get a j3 off a df(mb) bounce cancel. This makes all the bounce cancel combos do the exact same damage as you get the exact same follow up.

      Maybe to add to this guide is might be worth mentioning his pseudo mixups with b1 restand? If you restand them high enough you’re close to +10 so they are jailed into at least a s3. Once they respect this you can get a b2/df1 mixup going. Depending on the timing you can also make them restand behind you, which gives an extra mind game on how to block.

      This is especially powerful with a background bounce. Standard combo is:
      df1(mb)/b2~df1(mb), 3~interact, b3, walk forward, b1

      If you do it correctly, you restand them quite high in the air and they’re placed close enough for your b2 to connect in mace stance.

      Remember though that you have to condition with s1/s3 first as some characters can back dash your 50/50 options (although others still get tagged). So far in my testing no one was able to jump out or counter poke the 50/50.

      You can obviously do this off any confirm into a b3 but background bounce makes the damage super juicy. Because of this, pincer stance makes great use of this midscreen because he can confirm basically any string into b3 somehow, and his long limbs catch back dashes better and make the restand timing more lenient.
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      Awesome writeup. But what is the rest of this sentence :O
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      No interest in playing Blue Beetle, but this is a really cool guide
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    15. Espio
      Let me update this, the copy/paste must have messed up.
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    16. CountHyuga
      How many times you can flight cancel mid air? 2?
    17. AkioOf100
      you can flight cancel indefinitely until you hit the ground.
    18. EntropicByDesign
      Like Akio said, you can keep it up until you hit the ground. With good timing and such this can be quite a long time. You can FC after an air dash as well. One of his seemingly better 'mix' options is double air dash j1 when in blade stance, followed by f23 into whatever is appropriate. But if the spacing is right (in blade stance) you can go into 13fc shenanigans too. Show them the double, then just air dash once, then three times, etc. Some characters have a surprising amount of trouble stopping you. Some of course just swat your ass outta the air like it's no big deal.. but dems da breaks.
    19. Espio
      The most optimal by my estimate and research is seven. You cannot do them indefinitely because Beetle falls lower and lower each time he does a flight cancel. How many you can do is also dependent upon the height at which you started doing the flight cancels. The lower obviously the less you can do versus max height.

      I'm not saying it's impossible to do more than seven, but based on my research and attempts to get higher amounts, by the time you reach seven, you're usually so low that the jet pack exhaust from Beetle's back doesn't have enough time to disappear before you hit the ground.
    20. CountHyuga
      I thought there was some kind of limitation because in my initial trials I couldn't do more than 2, while I can travel a whole screen float canceling with supergirl.
    21. EntropicByDesign
      Yeah I was the same way. Could only do a couple and thought there was a hard limit, but it's just timing =)
    22. Espio
      Updated with additional combos and analysis.
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    23. hatyr
      Now we just need a similar breakdown for match-ups ;)
    24. XxSYNDROISxX
      Any chance to see some Corner combos in the future
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