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blackseid some early game tech


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We definitely need some more tech with his trait on this forum. Most I've seen is df2 giving minions. Nice to see some other ways to summon. Sometimes I catch myself forgetting to use his trait... I hope there's some really useful good tech in the meta.

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Good shit Frozen, the corner setup looks really cool. I didnt work any setup with the kamikaze for now, I'll try your stuff tonigh.

Here's a midscreen tech guys, after F3 x F12 Trait you can go for a HTB Side switch if your opponnent doesnt use a tech roll or wakeup

Dirty af! :eek:


I don't have it recorded but there's a nice way to get trait out a fullscreen I uncovered last night:

if you land b1u3 mb, b3 j3 3xTrait (overhead version) you can start you full screen bs (mb low laser) or keep the minion out for pressure.

This also works off of MB stop, b3, j3, 3xTrait.