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Black Widow (2021 Movie) SPOILERS!!!


Philanthropist & Asshole
I liked it more than I expected.
I enjoyed the character of Natasha more in this film than any of the ensemble films.
I really got attached to Yelena, and the family dynamic between the group.
I liked that it was a contained story, but was also able to set up another”Black Widow” character that feels like she will fit very well into the existing universe.
I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the villains, and they did their job servicing the plot.
…and I laughed a bunch.

Dankster Morgan

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I liked it ok. Natasha was surprisingly likable, when I only really liked her in Endgame before this movie. Yelena was really good and I like that there will probably be more from her.

I predicted Taskmaster would get emasculated or cucked in some way, literally got gender flipped, but that was an ok twist for this story. But a waste of the Taskmaster character and what he potentially could have been. The chick from the Mummy / her mom was complicit with the abduction of widows for decades and nobody really seemed to care, she even knew how to sever Drakov's control over her (breaking her nose), but didn't. She should have faced some repercussions. Red Guardian was treated like too much of a joke and they undercut any serious or potentially good emotional scenes for a cheap joke. Too much comedy overall, as is common with Marvel, which is why the ones that are meant to be comedies tend to be the better movies since there is no conflicting tone. The movie was really similar to winter soldier, just not as good imo. Still certainly watchable though. 6/10