Black Manta Stream coming on Friday "Watchtower" @ 3pm CST

Discussion in 'Black Manta' started by STORMS, Sep 6, 2017.

By STORMS on Sep 6, 2017 at 3:56 PM

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    The first addition from Fighter Pack 2, Black Manta, is receiving the usual DLC gameplay overview during an upcoming stream on the usual place at the usual time: at 3pm CST/9pm BST/4pm EST on Friday September 8th!

    Tune in to find out how one of Aquaman's deadliest enemies will introduce himself into the world of Injustice 2 this Friday!
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First off, Welcome to TestYourMight! My main objective nowadays is to keep you as updated as I possibly can in regards to NetherRealm Studios news, especially dealing with Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

Thank you for your support!
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Discussion in 'Black Manta' started by STORMS, Sep 6, 2017.

    1. Speedsterr
      Nice! Hoping levitate is the trait and that lasers are not gear related moves.
    2. StormGoddess
    3. babalook
      I hope BM (what an unfortunate acronym) counter-picks deadshot 7:3.
    4. That__John__Guy

      Frankly, instead of talking about a character's moves in the abstract, I think character-intro Watchtowers from here on out should address who the character does well and poorly against. Certainly, addressing how Black Manta does against Deadshot should be part of the discussion in light of that recent top 8. How does BM get in, zone, counter-zone, do once he gets up close, all of that? "Hi everyone, here's a really fun and interesting character with deep, but rewarding gameplay... except when you get bodied by Day 1 Deadshot spamming 3:7. Other than that the design is great."
    5. gibster13
      All I want is a neutral god. Missiles as a footsie tool like Ryu's hadouken. No bs rushdown like cheetah. Just solid neutral plz.

      Wouldn't mind trait being missile tbh
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    6. II Tundra II
      II Tundra II
      Secondary character crisis right now, maybe I'll pick him up.
    7. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      I'm betting his hover is his trait. Would make sense that it would be trait meter dependent, preventing him from just floating the entire round.

      Can't wait to see what this character can do today.
    8. KingHippo
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    9. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Just finished to watch the stream. Black Manta seems like a really solid mid-range character that has every tool he needs to keep his gameplan going. Really liked what i saw.

      Also I'm really excited about the Legendary Gear and the Legendary Multiverse. Yes it's not for the completion-est type of a player who wants to complete everything in the game or at least as much as possible as you need to do so much work just to get the Legendary Gear for a single character, but the reward of getting a Gear that can give you a huge buff in the non-competitive era seems really awesome. I'm gonna get the Sub-Zero, Starfire and Poison Ivy ones, and if Shredder does make it to FP3, I'll get his too. Raiden might be an extra.

      Overall excellent job NRS, you delivered again!

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