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Black Manta Match Footage


...more deadly than the dawn.
I was just thinking that I didn't see one of these threads for Manta posted, and I always like when these kinds of resources are available for a character, so I figured I'd get one started and compile a few videos here!

Raptor did some tech videos and some early sets with Manta back closer to his release.

Reo also played some ranked matches as Manta and a set against POTH's Atrocitus. He's also got some tech videos on his channel as well.

Biohazard used Manta in a tournament recently and had some pretty great results against a Catwoman player.

Here's a lower-level play set in a tournament from pretty recently as well. Carlitin has some cool corner shenanigans in this set if I remember correctly.

Here's a set of Sonicfox vs. OD Alcatraz's Cheetah.

Here's a set of Sonicfox again vs. Gunshow's Firestorm.

I think it's really good that this character has finally got some more representation at a tournament level and in terms of top players showcasing what he can do! Please add footage as more is found or becomes available.


...more deadly than the dawn.
I am ashamed to admit I almost forgot Tweedy's tournament debut as Manta in this compilation!


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A decent set I had with one of my local players. I know a lot of people say Sub seems like a bad match, but I'm not quite sure I see it. I do know that I'm terrible at punishing slide and combos.
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