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Black Manta Combo Thread

John Grizzly

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I'm going to go through this thread again and try to add anything optimal that is also reasonably consistent. I think I have just about everything that the current Manta players are doing, though.


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Anyone have any tips for the following combos?
B11U3, 4, j3, j3~bf2 (Not really sure how to get the two j3's to land)
B3, j3, b11u3~4, j3~db3 ( The j3 after float is whiffing for me a lot, and when it doesn't the harpoon isn't landing)

I just started playing and my execution is ass; his float cancel combos on stick have been a total bitch for me so I haven't even tried to learn em yet. I think these are dropping because I am not sure what directions I should be doing after float, if any. Thanks in advance.
You have to move forward a tab bit before you do the j3's. I suggest, working on your timing. The input latency online will change the timing so it might be harder to confirm the hits.