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Black Manta Balance Patch Buff Wish List

Chernyy Volk

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I don't think this character needs buffs. If the top tiers get shaved off a bit, buffing him is a dangerous idea BUT, I'm willing to entertain peoples ideas and am willing to be a total fuck and air out my own greedy ass vanity wish list.

What I'd take

F2 is 15F instead of 17.
3 is +2 on block.
Make 123 have enough hit advantage for flight cancel combos.
Give Manta Black Pearl Grenades and make it df2.
Descale MB DP combos just a bit.


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I don't think he needs any extra tools or even a damage boost really, I just think trait combos shouldn't scale so heavily in some circumstances and he should have his frames improved a bit. 1,2,3 could stand to be at least neutral and 2,1,3 could stand to be +2 or so personally.

make b1 a mid...thats it
Lol this would be really great for our boy but then I feel like the stagger pressure might be *too* OD, and I don't want him so good that he gets nerfed later on.

Edit: althought I do like the idea of a faster f2.


It's all so very confusing.
Do like.

Id like some plus frames here or there. St.3 is fine by me.

But ya know what I really want? Me personally, I don't think the character needs it exactly, he's not built to need it.. but I want a natural fucking crossup. I just do. Not the all mid FC j2 crap, but a nice ambiguous, OH crossup. I want it because I want it. That's the only reason.

AND if we want to watch the world burn, give us an OH starter and make b1 a mid. Want to be OP.


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Apparently...Its rumored that Sonic Fox is picking up this character. Wouldn't THAT be crazy to see!