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Black Lightning Super and Win Pose


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I like what they did here.

They changed the super's animation like yellow lantern Haf Jordon in the first game.

That said, I really wish there was something similar to the MK logo flash before the dragon. Here we just get a fist. I'd like to see a lightning bolt symbol morph into an entire arm and have it slam the opponent.

The win pose is very well done though.


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wack, all of it, Raiden is wack, the black lighting skin is wack and his super is wack too.


I have to agree with the poster that questioned why Black Lightning got his own sub forum. Do it for all premier skins, or none at all. :confused:


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Wake an admin when John Stewart and Captain Cold do their own win poses.
It's the same win pose though, just with the Elder God MK dragon swapped out for obvious reasons. It's like saying that Vixen needs her own subforum because her claw slashes have an orange beast hand effect. Weird decision from an overzealous mod to make a premier skin subforum.
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Wake an admin when John Stewart and Captain Cold do their own win poses.
So you're saying that a win pose, in and of itself, means that he gets his own sub forum? :confused:

I mean, both characters are going to have the same tech and moves. Why separate and convolute tech and discussions on what's essentially the same character? Except for, obviously, the all-so-important win pose I guess.