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Black Canary - Standing Reset Options Off of MB Soaring Knee (BF2)


Hey all,

Wanted to post these videos I made a few weeks back to explain Black Canary's Soaring Knee (MB BF2) standing reset capabilities....

For those who do not know, following the MB BF2, depending on the height that you hit J1/J2/JI3/Canary Drop, you can actually reset it as you please. The timing in the air would be lower than usual since you would have to hit the opponents chest area (more or less) as anything above the shoulders would not reset.

Proof of Concept:

Example of a J2 ~ Canary Drop Reset: (F3 Starter/112 1+3 Ender) (818.86 Damage, 2 Bar, Lv 3 Cry)

Another Example of a J2 ~ Canary Drop Reset: (F3 Starter/DF3D3 Ender) (764.10 Damage, 2 Bar, Lv 3 Cry)

Example of a JI3 Reset: (709.35 Damage, 3 Bar, No Cry)

Example of a Double Reset (CanaryDrop/J2): (1164.17 Damage, 4 Bar, Lv 3 Cry)

So to summarize, Black Canary has the ability to option select if you want to reset or not off of a MB BF2 in the following scenarios:

1) BF2 MB ~ J1/J2/JI3 and complete any combo you prefer (Default)

2) BF2 MB ~ J1/J2/JI3 Reset for further damage (Concepts shown in videos above)

--From this scenario you can reset into the following options:

a) reset into Canary Drop (Overhead)
b) reset into 21 (Low), delayed 2U1 (Low)
c) reset into 23 (Overhead), delayed 2U3 (Overhead)
d) reset into B1 (Low), B1~Canary Drop (Overhead)
e) reset into B12 (Low and safe on block)
f) reset into 112 (Safe on Block)
g) reset into 33 (+ Frames)

When I first showed @x TeeJay o this concept, I mentioned that it could even be combined with her vortex (metered or meterless) for pretty much guaranteed vortex potential off any hit confirm... Luckily, a similar concept to this scenario was just posted in video form by @Take$$$ yesterday.

3) BF2 MB ~ J1/J2 ~ 2U Delayed Vortex Loop Reset (@Take$$$'s Video shown below)

Take$$$'s Video

I feel that with the scenarios described above used interchangeably in any match, Canary users should now have many more options which the opponent will have to guess correctly on.
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A new video I made that combines some of the different Reset Options for a MB BF2 from the initial post above...

1st Reset: 2U1 Reset
2nd Reset: J2 Reset
3rd Reset: 2U3 Reset
4th Reset: JI3 Reset

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