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Discussion in 'Black Canary' started by Sage Leviathan, May 24, 2017.

  1. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR Sarah Silverman

    Miscellaneous Black Canary discourse and inquiries should be directed here.

    EDIT: I wanted to discuss some things about the character that weren't exactly combos or sick anti-Deadshot tech. What do you know, when I come here I see every other post: "What's the Black Canary Discord?" "Can I get invited to the Black Canary Discord?" And the general discussion thread was closed for some reason?

    Don't do that. Please. We have forums for a reason.
  2. Edmund

    Edmund Black Canary Only

    What should I do on wakeup? I usually don't use a wakeup attack, but is bf2 her best bet?
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  3. Cartwheel has invincibility in wakeup. Not sure of the exact frames.
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  4. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    Depends for me. If someone is being really aggressive, you can usually score a free parry. Beyond that, I usually go with knee drop if I wake-up, but cartwheel can probably give you a lot of tools to get out of a bad situation.
  5. Optimator

    Optimator Casual Aspirations

    I usually backdash, parry, knee-drop. I suck though
  6. I don't know much about the gear and gear moves so I'll ask the questions here.

    - my canary is at lvl 20 but doesn't go any further. Is this the cap on all gear characters?
    - how do I get her cool gear up-kick from her trailer?
    - does anybody have it yet?
  7. Pro4-18

    Pro4-18 Noob

    I typically try to parry
  8. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    So how does Canary do vs getting through some of the high level zoners the game has? Not just Deadshot's pew pewing.

    I'm picking my last character and so far it's a tossup between Robin and Canary. So trying to do some fact finding.
  9. jaylee777

    jaylee777 Juh-Mill-E

    So it looks like characters with a d1d2 string can kinda option select canary's 21 or 23 50/50. If you do 21 they can press d1d2 but still block and if you do 23 the d1d2 will beat the overhead.
  10. Is this if they delay the 1 or 3?
  11. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    i want better gear dammit. where is the new 52 set man @colt ...
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  12. Looks like it's only characters with 6 frame d1
  13. jaylee777

    jaylee777 Juh-Mill-E

    If they delay either the 1 or 3 it will get beat out. If they dont delay the 1 then they will block it and punish whatever you do afterwards unless its a backroll.

    It may be only characters with a 6 frame d1. I didnt test any 7 frame d1s
  14. I was trying Canary's d1. I usually got hit and rarely traded. But WW's would hit clean.
  15. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    New Canary Multiverse up
    Was thinking the same thing, she has the same two face options
  16. After labbing this, it looks like 6frame d1s can do this and beat the overhead clean and 7frame d1s trade.


    In either of these cases, a 2~HPMB (high parry meter burn) will painfully encourage them that what they're doing is not an option select, it's a guess. And its a way to get your ass kicked.

    Edit* I think the point of doing d1d2 is in case of the high parry. I'm gonna lab more.
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  17. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    It might have been discussed elsewhere, I noticed today that like, all of Canary's combo starters can be cancelled into a forward or back cartwheel. Anyone mess around with this? I'm wondering how this affects her as a character with "no safe strings"
  18. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    Yeah she can be poked out of say like 112 xx front handspring. It's a nice mix up though because 112 can also be cancelled into canary drop and crossup/ not crossup
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  19. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    Figures. The cancel into a front handspring seems like it would be good in combos though, work some mind games and all that.
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  20. Stormking

    Stormking Noob

    I been trying to find away to use cart wheel in mix-ups or trying to get in any advice would be much appreciated
  21. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    Someone better than me can probably give you a better answer but in just my messing around today, I saw this: you can do your combo starter and then cartwheel towards the opponent and do whatever option you think (crazy legs, anti-air, MB) fits best. That, mixed with your normal game plan could get into someone's head if they have to look out for you in the front, the back and be watching for the cross-up from the Canary Drop.

    As for getting in, I saw @Compbros using it to set up a B3 after lvl3 trait. Doing that could help you not drop a combo from dashing/walking too far forward and letting the opponent drop. Beyond that, I haven't gotten the hang of cartwheeling through projectiles yet, right now it's easier to just dash and block or roll escape.
  22. Compbros

    Compbros Man of Tomorrow

    Flip is weird as you aren't really reacting to the projectile otherwise you get hit before the invincible frames start. If you're getting zoned out after you duck one projectile then flip and you'll more than likely avoid it and be much closer to your opponent than a dash.

    As far as mixes go there is nothing good on block. Everything will leave you unsafe except F13, which is a high starter, and leaves you -6. On hit you're safe but still negative. It's only really useful when you throw something unsafe out, it gets blocked, and you flip to potentially avoid the punish and punish them.
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  23. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    113 is safe on block and is hkd. you in theory could do 112 canary drop and mix that in with 113 since 3 is a low. CD is a cross-up as well from that
  24. Compbros

    Compbros Man of Tomorrow


    Oh, I thought you guys were talking about front flip, Canary drop is totally different, there's a ton of ways to mix people with that.
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  25. HeroesNZ

    HeroesNZ Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy

    Decided to main Canary; been in the lab with her the last couple days and I'll be posting a bunch of stuff tomorrow

    Didn't feel like it warranted its own thread and I didn't see anything on it so I'll just post this one in here though:

    Reverses wake-up inputs and can be avoided with delayed get up

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