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  1. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    Hello people. I'd like to share what I feel i would like to see changed in the upcoming patch for Black Canary. This isn't a troll thread, and I'm very serious. She's a very good character and imo one of the more balanced characters along with flash as they have ass range/neutral but when they get in boi it's play time. Difference is flash has these 2 changes already that I'm about to suggest for her and truthfully I don't see these as too crazy at all. If you have your own changes you'd like to see for her please share and lmk what you think of mine!

    1. Trait now recharges in between rounds.

    -I really don't know why these two aren't already this way. Seriously I believe every single character that has a recharging trait starts off with theirs fully and she does not. I mean I understand level 3 is strong(personally i think level 2 may be the most important l) but you have much stronger traits in the game,I think if they kept the traits the same it wouldn't be too crazy. Although the charge time from level 2 to 3 may have to be slowed down to compensate for this buff.

    2. Her D2 is now 6f and slightly better priority or hitbox

    -Seriously, her d2 sucks haha. I'd really like to have a good anti air on hand whenever I catch someone jumping on me a lot. She can be abused by some characters with really good jump ins or maybe the jump ins are too strong. Either way I feel every character should be viable at d2 usage!

    That's it. She's fine in all other aspects IMO. What do you guys think!

    @Red Raptor
    @Made Capo
    @Tiger Wong
    @Sweet Cheese
    @The Philocypher

    If I forgot you sorry!
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  2. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    I'd say that's fair. Especially the trait thing. Nobody can argue that her trait should be nerfed when the Black Adam, Batman and Atrocitus all have traits on par with her's
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  3. The chosen puddle

    The chosen puddle UPRISE ..... THERE IS ONLY GRODD

    My hands were sweating to type grodd but you get a pass....THIS TIME .. changes are fine
  4. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    You leave my character alone you bully :'(
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  5. freerf245

    freerf245 11 11 11 11

    What about fixing the whiffing issues on Arrow and Ivy?
  6. II Tundra II

    II Tundra II In Brightest Day....

    Fair request. I wouldn't mind if she didn't take my life bar after two touches. ;) She's a bad bitch!!
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  7. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    That's likely not going to change cause of hitbox issues for females and certain males. Would be nice if they did fix that though!
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  8. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    For the risks she takes, i think her damage is fair
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  9. II Tundra II

    II Tundra II In Brightest Day....

    Agreed, she definetly seems like a well rounded balanced character.
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  10. gam224

    gam224 The world's least hype player
    Premium Supporter

    I don't think starting with level 3 is a good idea. Then she will be just like batman is now.
  11. HeroesNZ

    HeroesNZ Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy

    Except without the neutral, the zoning, the plus on block mixups and J2 right
  12. gam224

    gam224 The world's least hype player
    Premium Supporter

    I mean she only has fantastic mixups that can kill you in 1 touch so she clearly is hurting and needs major buffs:DOGE
  13. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    I wouldn't call this major at all lol. Batman gets 3 bats, can press it during blockstun and hit you out of pressuring him,he can use one WHILE another charges,use them in the air,use it while he's plus on block on everything useful for him, use it to protect himself and be + a billion. It really doesn't compare to batmans at all lol
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  14. Nexallus

    Nexallus From Takeda to Robin

    It really doesn't make sense that Firestorm and Black Canary are the only characters to start without full trait. Like it really doesn't, eapecially when Batman has his bats, Atrocitus has his cat, Poison Ivy even has pukey.
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  15. A "major buff" would be Front and Back cartwheels having full (or even partial) invincibility when not in a wakeup situation. Starting off with full trait and it charging between rounds is fair. In fact...... it doesn't even change her matchups. It just gives her maybe another chance or two to do work on the 6 or so characters that can keep her out pretty well
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  16. gam224

    gam224 The world's least hype player
    Premium Supporter

    The cart wheel buff would just be broken, yes having full trait would change match ups. Right off the bat her neutral could contest with the best.
  17. gam224

    gam224 The world's least hype player
    Premium Supporter

    Yeah it does, canary with trait has a meter less vortex and fantastic that could rival some of the top tier characters.
  18. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    Except when you block whatever she's trying to hit you with and get a full combo punish seriously, she is unsafe on everything. You should be trying to punish her when you successfully block. Or if you sneeze at her when she throws the trait out, because that trait has the lowest priority out of any move in the game (only being slightly hyperbolic here).

    Yes, she can pull Adam numbers. However, unlike Adam, she needs a full trait that doesn't recharge in like 3 seconds and you need to be on point with your meter management and inputs to do so. And let me reiterate, if she is blocked, she can be punished
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  19. It's not going to change matchups. She'll get one, maybe 3 more chances to punish or threaten. It doesn't change her matchups. Her "vortexes" still haven't been fleshed out yet.

    It's not gonna change her vs Ivy or WoWo or Quinn or Deadshot. It's her lvl 3 that gives her any chance in neutral vs them. We still can't really choose the level we want like Bane. Once it's used and is blocked (because that's the risk with it in neutral) we have to wait and hold everything again.
  20. gam224

    gam224 The world's least hype player
    Premium Supporter

    The risk reward on her mix ups is incredibly good. Yes you have to be smart with meter and have decent execution but that doesn't mean she should get access to full trait immediately. The problem with these buffs is that canary is already strong and the top tiers will get nerfed. If anything more of these characters need to not start with trait not give her trait just to start.
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  21. gam224

    gam224 The world's least hype player
    Premium Supporter

    Oh man you take the huge risk of having you full screen launcher blocked. You only get a bar and a full combo if you hit them .
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  22. Who said huge risk?

    So? Is this not fair enough for you? It gets blocked/trades, we get nothing and have to wait to do anything vs the myriad of characters that can keep her out with impunity. We can't wait a 4 count until we get a single bat that accomplishes so much. Lvl 3 CC is awesome...... but only if it hits clean. It doesn't cook and do the dishes too like batmans or black adams or atrocitus.
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  23. gam224

    gam224 The world's least hype player
    Premium Supporter

    Yes but once again your basis of balance is bladam batman and atrocitus. Those characters need to be nerfed, she doesn't need to be buffed.
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  24. JDE

    JDE Doing Supergirl's Kryptonian shuffle!

    I think doing more with level 1 trait during situations would be nice to see.
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  25. My basis of "balance" is fair throughout the roster. I used those 3 to show that even if you start trait at lvl 3, nothing changes because it's not a broken trait. It's more of a change than a buff. It would definitely help her feel tougher, but again, the poison ivy matchup, the WoWo matchup, and the Harley Quinn matchup don't change. Do they "need to be nerfed" too?

    I don't see bane starting off matches with only 1 or no lvls of venom available.
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