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Breakthrough Black Adam Swag Combos(66% super, 5 Divekicks.....)


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Would you like to see some "swag" Black Adam combos? While these combos may only be for flavor; you make the call on how practical they are in the competitive light. This video deals with Black Adam combos in the corner while also taking advantage of interactables - check it out.

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Awwwww how cute! While you insignificant Black Adam worms cramp your fingers trying to master 5 dive kicks, director @Rickyraws and Executive Producer @SonicFox5000 have been laughing their 6 slides all the way to the bank
But SonicFox is the Production Designer, Steven Wilburn is the Executive Producer.


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Colour me impressed.
5 Dive kicks in one combo is no easy feat, i've tried all sorts out for this guy and 5 is insane, I thought 3 was difficult.


my 5 teeth laugh at your five divekicks :joker:
Edit: Lame, i thought i could start it at the 1 min mark haha


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The corner seems to always be where the most swag is found :) I started playing with BA a little bit over the past couple of days, he is a very fun character to play.