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Guide Black Adam Quick Starter Guide

EDIT: nvm, b2 can combo into b2 but it's kinda strict. imo it's best to do b2 xx orbs then 1,1 or 2,2. Or 11 xx orbs xx b2.

funfact: Black Adam can actually dash twice after db1. Not just once.

And I think this is missing his most damaging meterless? Not sure but I didn't see it: j2, (1,1 x trait), b2,3 then link 1,1 (or d2 xx trait, b1) xx black magic, dash, b2,3,u1+3 (35-46%). --> This is hard to do online though and maybe that's why PL didn't include it since this is a beginner's primer.

Good vid though. It will surely help new BA players.


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Adam has one, of not the best backdashes in the game, his forward dash may not be the best, but its damn close.