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Tech Black Adam 50/50 meterless with trait (character specific)


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Forum is pretty dead but I hope this will help all Black Adam players still sticking to the divekicking villain. LBSH though he needs a low. Anyways, on to the tech.

The 50/50 does not involve bootstomp/divekick first of all. Trait is needed to do the 50/50 and it starts from the 113 string. The 50/50 is also character specific and only works on tall or big characters.

The way it works is like this:
Do 113~trait on the opponent while they are blocking standing. The opponent must be standing for this mix-up to work. Usually the opponent will block it standing since you can do 112 which ends in overhead.
Then either do a string ( b23, 22, 11, etc) or forward jump 2. If forward jump 2 is done point blank, on certain characters, it will cross-up instantly. The opponent then guesses between blocking left or right.

The characters that get hit by forward jump 2 are:
Green Lantern
*instant forward jump 2 does not cross up, delayed jump 2 crosses up

You can hit confirm the forward jump 2 rather easily, and choose to block instead of doing a combo if the opponent blocks right. Unfortunately you can be trip guard punished, BA is at least -14 as he lands on the ground after doing forward jump 2 (tested with MMH push).

The forward jump 2 can also be done from 112~trait, but the opponent can backdash the jump 2 if done after 112~trait. They can option select escape by spamming the back button to avoid the jump attack and still block any strings.

The punish that happens when the opponent guesses wrong is as follows
223 combo (34%)
forward jump 2 223 combo (37%)
Most characters get a meager punish against jump 2 and can't match BA damage so I suggest that all Black Adam players start using this against the characters above as the risk/reward is in his favor.

@AK Smarrgasm
@Rico Suave
@ whatever black adam players remain.