Big Stream Day! 3 MK Streams Going on Now!

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    Okay, gonna make this short and sweet...

    Kombat Network's ON THE EDGE tournament hosted by 9.95 going on now till late tonight via

    Galloping Ghost Arcade (?) stream with over 100 players! Medina is there with MK9 via
    We've got 100 players at the moment, and we'll be streaming 1-8PM with MK9 at 1-2PM, Street Fighter IV Arcade edition 2-4PM, UMvC3 from 4-6PM, and King of Fighters XIII at 7:15PM.
    We are professional tier streamers who work in broadcast television for a living, have 3 Black Magic Intensity Pros, Canon XHA1S video camera, a web camera, and a 4 person crew.

    Epic Gamer Productions is also going on in the West Coast w/ Krayzie, xBlades and many more via (will be up later)


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    Not the Galloping Ghost stream, it was the Ignite Network, and Medina isn't streaming, VGTV is. MK is also over already.
  3. Krayzie

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    44 deep in SoCal!

    Get hype!
  4. Konqrr

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    On the Edge got it's own front page news... EGP should have one as well. This was a huge event with 44 entrants. Hella stacked, and extremely hype. The 4v4 went to the end as well.
  5. 16 Bit

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    Yeah, what were the results in Socal?

    Dizzy f+3ed his way to victory in Chicago. Toonchi under the awesome name "Not Either Tom Brady" was second, Soonk was third.

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    MIT took 1st, DJT took 2nd, Shoryuken 88 took 3rd.

    think tyrant and online tony tied with 5th and xblades got 4th
  7. 16 Bit

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    Wow, Terry bros gf. What about Bone and Flawed? Who beat Tyrant?

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    i left early, didn't get to see some matches

    flawed got sent to losers by Red Reaper early on, don't know how far he made it. i think MIT and Xblades took out tyrant

    Bone did well but i think Flawed to him out of losers

    i got sent to losers by Online Tony then tyrant sent him to losers where i fought him n lost again :oops:
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    Is there an archieve of the Socal or MidWest streams?
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