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Match Footage Best NRS Set of All Time: Tyrant vs CDJr (MK9)

definitely one of the best

also reo vs pl evo grand finals 2011 and dizzy vs 16bit grand finals at VxG 2013 come to mind. i like the last one because it was the highest level of mk i ever saw, 2 top players who played each other every day for 3 years.

oh and denzell vs the kabal gauntlet at evo 2013 of course


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Cough kabal cough
I won't lie, that's a good point. But even though MKX never had a Kabal, it had a different almost as broken character any other week: from day1 Tanya to day1 Alien, and from Kang's block infinites to Jason's unexisting recovery.


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I feel like there's a lack of character hype in the newer NRS games. All the different chanting and callouts at tournaments during combos, like the "smoke smoke smoke!" loops, or all of mk9 quan's weird wolays/aweeabolays. Even Black Adam had the "Heee!" dive kick sound in I1 that people used to yell.

Maybe they are consciously moving away from the sillier sound effects, but I love it.
that nostalgia... loved those good mk9 days (offline) all friends gathering and playing, it was cool, I wish nrs would bring mk9 back for ps4 in 2 years but well, a man can dream


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Most MK9 pokes don't have anymore hit advantage than MKX Quan Chi's D1, which kinda says a lot...

Regarding the other two points, WUGIZAAAAH
They dont, no, but they also aren't nearly as negative or risky as the pokes were in MK9.