Best no meter combo off of a 1/2 AA?

Discussion in 'Kenshi' started by Derpin Errday, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Best I can do is F3,2-RK-F3,2-SC but I have to hit them REALLY high in their jump arc so I'm looking for something a little more consistent.
  2. CptXecution

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    It's tricky to land the last f32 SC try just doing f32 RK f3 SC, it'll hit everytime.
  3. Its the first F3,2 giving me problems,not the second one.
  4. Dill Mac

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    1/2, F22 RK could solve the problems you're having.
  5. NB Semi Evil Ryu

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    When you guys say "1/2", are you referring that you can AA with EITHER 1 or 2?
  6. WayoftheFist

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  7. Tolkeen

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    I hate to be "THAT GUY" (no I don't), but @underthemayo has made all his kenshi videos so that new people can WATCH them, and not waste server space with threads like this. PLEASE, I implore you to look for the Mayo videos for future questions, and if they don't help, then ask in the question thread. Thank you.
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    I hate to be "THAT GUY" too but Mayo's videos and threads are all clustered together and full of information that he's not necessarily looking for so he made things simple for himself and asked.

    Derppin to answer your question further, Dillmac had a great suggestion and if you're having trouble landing that too just f3RK f32SC, you'll never drop that.
  9. Tolkeen

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    That's why there's a question and answer thread.

    Tapatalk, helping me prove I haven't killed myself since 2011.
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    Not everyone checks the Q&A threads and might not want to look at EVERY question, this makes it quick and straight to the point as well as easier for anyone else who wants to know this specific info as well.
  11. GhosT

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    Derpin Errday

    You could of asked me.

    Everyone knows BF2 is da bestest aa combo.

  12. Jer

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    Honestly, 1, dash f32 rk f32 sc is the easiest and most damaging one to do.
  13. _xFriction

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    i use (aa)1, dash d1 (or 4) rk f22 sc
  14. CptXecution

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    I think it all depends on how far your opponent is jumping. If he's jumping in right at jump range, 2 is only 2 frames slower but the hurtbox on it is MUCH higher than 1 but 1 is 10 frames and on a deep jump you can dash up and use that since they'll be lower.

    I was fooling around with both the other day.
  15. Jer

    Jer I'm a literal Sloth

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    TBH I almost never use 2, and I always 1 and almost 100% of the time convert it into that combo.
  16. CptXecution

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    I could just be used to using Sub's 22 for AA so my reactions are accustomed to using 2 lol
  17. Jer

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    Haha it's possible, we'll play games at MLG
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  18. EGP Wonder_Chef

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    just try not to dash too much before the f32 since it has so much range
  19. Tolkeen

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    1 is actually 10 frames, and 2 is actually 12 frames, but I do still agree that it depends on the distance of your opponent. Also, if you are expecting a jik, the hitbox on 2 "appears" (maybe this is just me getting lucky) to be better suited to stuff those.
  20. CptXecution

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    man oh man, I need sleep I'll fix that lol
  21. Under_The_Mayo

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    Hey guys. I'll just repost what I have in the Guide To Optimal Combo Damage:

    Mid-screen Anti-Air

    Kenshi's standing 2 jab is a great AA tool when spaced correctly. It has an absurdly far horizontal reach, but it's kind of slow (12 frames). Due to the speed of it, and Kenshi's high hitbox, it doesn't make for a great reactionary AA tool. However, if you're baiting or expecting a jump in, standing 2 will destroy your opponent in the air. It stuffs jump kicks, and it leads to good damage.

    There are plenty of variations on AA combos, but I only recommend one:

    2, Dash D1 RK, F2 2 B2 - (22%) or F3 2 SC at the end

    You can do other follow-ups after 2, such as 2 1 RK or F2 2 RK, but sometimes they'll whiff if your opponent was at an awkward height when they got hit. The Dash D1 follow-up lets you follow their falling trajectory with your eyes, use your 6 frame D1 to pick them up, and finish smoothly.

    Using a single jab as AA is strongly recommended over inputting 2 RK, or 1 RK or any jab/string canceled into RK before hit-confirming your AA jab. If you let that style of AA get into your muscle memory, you'll struggle against Kung Lao, Smoke, or anyone with additional air mobility like teleports. If they do something to alter their trajectory, your RK won't register and an additional jab will come out from the button input. You'll leave Kenshi swinging wildly in the air, as your opponent appears behind you to punish.

    You can get away with using 2 1 RK as AA all inputted together, with the first hit AAing them, and the rest of the inputted string automatically juggling. But in the Kung Lao matchup especially, he can teleport before you hit him, and again you'll be swinging wildly and get punished. That's why you want to stick with single AA jabs into hit-confirm. Because if somehow you miss, you can immediately go to a defensive position.

    Corner Anti-Air

    2, 2 1 B2, 3 RK, Dash 3 TF, D1 SC - (35%)

    2, RK, 3 RK, 1 1 4 SC - (27%)

    D1 RK, 2, 3 TF, 1 1 4 SC - (27%)

    (AA Corner Hybird)

    2, F2 2 B1, D1, Dash 3 TF, D1 SC - (30%)
  22. Under_The_Mayo

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    I'll also say that getting used to simply dashing D1 RK after your AA jabs is very helpful due to the fact that not all your AA jabs are going to be intentional. Sometimes you jab and they happen to jump, and you accidentally AA them. F3 is 15 frames and is gonna miss if you try that as your followup on reaction. So if D1 RK is already in your muscle memory, you're gonna followup every time.
  23. Blackula

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    2 > 2,1,RK > f+3,2 SC = 26% midscreen is the one I use.

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