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Best guide/ tutorial ? Very new to fighters

take your time with the in game tutorial and pay close attention to the universal/system mechanics, that will go a long way no matter who you play
to me, Baraka is the easiest character to pick up, followed by Sub Zero, then maybe Scorpion

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Baraka is very simple. Fireballs at a long range, back 2 or f44 to get in or just walk in. A lot of stuff like 112 which is plus. He's basically just a bulldog.

Also you should probably use the variation with gutted as he can get large damage from it.
Yeah that's what im using marauder looked in his character section all I took from it is back 3 2 and 112 are his starters unless you 122 kb


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I made a couple, this one has a ton of info and goes through most of what you'll need to know to get into fighting games.