Best defense against zoning?

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  1. so i was just online and got my ass handed to me whenever i played any zone heavy characters ( noob, kano, stryker ect...) mainly becasue i couldn't get in against ther projectiles. i was able to arc kick over a few, but things like noobs shadow grabbed me out of the air or strykers pistol would hit me with the second shot on the way down. so whats the best way to get in with sonya against zone heavy characters, is the arc kick better and i just need better timing with it or are there better ways to get in for pressure?
  2. The thing you need to work around is the startup time for the arc kick. If you can plan a somewhat safe opening for the arc kick to get going, they'll have more trouble reacting to it, because most likely they reacted with a projectile when they saw the slow start up.

    Still, you may not get this opportunity in a lot of match-ups so you'll have to get up there the old fashioned way by block dashing. If they get used to me block dashing they tend to not expect an arc kick and so on...

    against noob, try to land a few feet in front of him, the shadow kick will get you every time.
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    Hey man i feel the noob trouble for sure and Kano is a Sonya killer imo the up ball just kills my play style, still hurling had it right on the mark with what he said and i will add in that you can dash block and then dive kick a lot to get in, this does not work as well on people like noob [because of up shadow] and Kano [ cause of ball] but the rest of the cast it works to wonders on.

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