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Being In A Serious Relationship With Any Mk Character

Might-Taro 19

by each death, we learn more..
Mine would be Cassie Cage why?

because as her physical appearance it's pretty unique and sexy. Not to mention she is pretty smart and knows how to kick someone's ass whenever something * Kookoo* happens. I'll eventually share with her that i'm gothic, metalhead, and different as a person. If this fantasy were to be legit, I think for some reason my gut tells me that she will accept and commit to me in a great romantic relationship. The best setting and place for a great moment would be at transylvania during around the evening. I would be wearing all black, longish thin boots, gloves, a men's scarf wrapped around my kneck. She gets convinced and wears pretty similar to me except that it mostly looks like a emo military soldier type and she dyes her hair platinum,black, or red. We both have the same beliefs, lifestyle food choices, etc * which majority is important if you guys ahem...want a decent relationship. After the first couple of months we decide to take our relationship to * the next level* yeah you read that right lol. Cassie Cage is honestly pretty close to her family which I must admit that's not really the case for me. I don't happen to get along with my parents so well especially as I grew up and my values, beliefs, appearance changed dramatically. Really thought that I was going to remain the same throughout all my lifetime but that wasn't the case at all. It's not that i'm ashamed of my personal evolution, but rather its the shock of how the unknown all turns out to be.

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I love KL for his HT variation since MKX, but I would totally hook up with Sindel - I got the feeling she is that Pervy Milf I like to play around.
I'd pick Jade. I like Kitana more, but with her you still get to live in the Outworld palace and get all the benefits of dating one of the planet's elite nobility, but there's not all the baggage which would be included with being the Kahn's boyfriend. Sure, Kotal might be a bit mad at me for stealing his woman, but the dude has a broken back, so what's he going to do - chase after me?