Battle of the Kahns!

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  1. Assuming Kotal is in this game, the pre-fight dialogue between Kotal Kahn and Shao Kahn should be interesting! Just some of the small things about this game that are going to be awesome
  2. Charybdis

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    My prediction:

    Kotal: "You"
    Shao Kahn: "Worm"
    Kotal: "No u"

    Injustice style
  3. SaSSolino

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    If they meet in the story Kotal is gonna get trashed so fucking hard! I can't wait!
  4. Rezk

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    Kotal: The throne is mine!
    Shao: You got your ass beat by Kung Jin!
    Kotal: Sorry, my master. You'll make me cry...
  5. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    I hope that won't be all. I want Kronika to bring Shao to the current timeline and then have them and potentially their henchmen fight a battle over who rules outworld. Shao Kahn coming at Kotal for being a weak ruler that's putting his legacy to shame, Kotal insisting that he wants the best for outworld while Shao is just trying to feed his own greed. And then an epic fight. Or sth like that
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    This lowkey has me the most excited out of the leak. If Kotal vs Shao was a canon lore battle, I'd go nuts.
  7. Pterodactyl

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    And Shao got his ass beat by Liu Kang, and Kung Lao whooped some Shokan ass as well. It’s almost as if these guys are related and very powerful...

    Kung Jin might be new but he’s still a Shaolin Monk and he’s still a descendant of the Original Great Kung Lao.

    I never get why people talk about him likes he’s just some random guy with a funny name.

    I don’t even like Kung Jin, but like, common sense dictates that he should be pretty damn strong like his cousins.
  8. Jhonnykiller45

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    On another note, Shao vs. Kotal is legit going to be a hype ass matchup.
  9. Rezk

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    Don't you think that was too easy? I mean, we expected a fierce fight at least. This is a VERY BAD way to show the power of Kung Jin. I laughed about Mileena, Rain, Kano, Tanya (COMBINED) strugling to defeat Kotal and Kung Jin defeating him like "one punch man".
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    I rationalize it as Kotal underestimating him and paying the price. He already knew Mileena, Rain, Kano, and Tanya were not to be trifled with. This was some random as far as he was concerned.
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  11. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    I think it's mostly because this was the first time we saw Kung Jin fight at that level. He hadn't been established as a highly skilled fighter at that point. All the kids came off as unexperienced hotshots, with obvious potential but still much to learn. Kotal on the other hand appeared as a more seasoned warrior and had a bad ass aura surronding him. If at that moment I had to bet on a winner, I would've picked him.

    Now I'm not too upset about him losing, but I can see where some people are coming from. While they managed to hype up Kung Jin's skills with that fight, I don't think they did Kotal's image a favor by having him lose.
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  12. Chuckyscookie

    Chuckyscookie Here's to hoping.

    That's good reasoning. Also, it can be argued that he simply wasn't at his full power and could have increased his might with either Sun or Blood Magic - if he had known how strong his opponent was beforehand.
  13. stokedAF

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    Kotal would get crushed. He’s got the cool look down and I liked his sword variation but he was a bitch in story mode.
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  14. STB Sgt Reed

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    Ehhh, not necessarily.

    Archie Manning, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning... and that other brother that no one knows cause he's nowhere near as good.

    And Kung Jin isn't a brother or anything that close. He's like their mom's aunt's cousin. lol
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  15. Pterodactyl

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    He’s Kung Lao’s direct cousin, Liu is Kung Lao’s(and Jin’s) distant cousin, their bloodline goes back to the same legendary warrior(the OG Great Kung Lao) which is the point of making note of their relation, and again, they were all trained as Shaolin Monks.

    Your flimsy sports analogy doesn’t hold up.

    Especially when there’s nothing to show Kung Jin as being anything less than yet another powerful Shaolin monk.
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  16. STB Sgt Reed

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    Just because they are descendants of the Great Kung Lao doesn't automatically make them godlike warriors, neither does being a shaolin monk.

    When you haven't been portrayed to be a great fighter at all in the story and then all of a sudden take down a kahn of outworld... of course people are gonna call bullshit.
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  17. Pterodactyl

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    1. It’s literally because of their bloodline that they were even indoctrinated into the White Lotus society and were allowed to become Shaolin Monks. They weren’t just coincidentally related to the strongest Shaolin monk to ever fight for Raiden and chosen out of a random hat. They both had the potential of their ancestor and proved it.

    2. His heritage, training, and the fact that he showed up and suddenly took down the Kahn of outworld is precisely what portrays him as a great fighter, you’re not making any sense.
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  18. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Um, that's exactly how being related works. It's coincidence. We don't pick our relatives, we're born into it. But just because my dad or uncle or whoever is the greatest *insert whatever talent here* doesn't make me automatically amazing at it as well. Sure Shaolin are trained warriors and very good, but they aren't just automatically the best and able to beat the big bads in their first go.

    Liu has been shown throughout the stories of the games to be equal (and better) to the likes of Shao Kahn. (and he had to go through a whole tournament and also defeat shang tsung, a powerful sorcerer, before doing so. Not Kung Jin though. He just walks around making stupid remarks and acting like a hotshot and we're supposed to just think it's cool that he can best the leader of fucking outworld without being proven first?? Nah fam.

    We only knew he was thief and wanted redemption/second chances for others. Nothing about his skill other than "related to some famous monks." Sorry, but that doesn't give him a free pass to beat Kotal right out of the gate.

    I think the scene (after you beat Kotal in gameplay) should have showed Kotal getting knocked down and acting defeated before getting up, smiling deviously, and praising the sun (calling down his sun power) and then thrashing Kung Jin only to be stopped by a party of veteran warriors coming through a portal to see what's going on with the kiddies and stopping Kotal before he murders Jin.
  19. Pterodactyl

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    First things first you don’t seem to know what the word “coincidence” means.

    Here’s the definition for you since you surprisingly don’t know the meaning of a very common word:

    Second thing, this isn’t real life dude, supernatural strengths are passed down in Mortal Kombat to varying degrees and they made a big note of that in X. We have in game examples of this, there no use arguing whether it’s a factor or not because we know it is.

    Also it’s a canonical fact that he isn’t just related to them, he was trained in the White Lotus Society as well. That’s not a guess, or a wish, he just was.

    This is literally you reaching for nothing in the face of facts and common sense.
  20. stokedAF

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    Kung Jin is the millennial Liu Kang.
  21. Actually I think the third Manning brother got like partially paralyzed or injured his spine or something... That's why he never went pro
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  22. Pterodactyl

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    If we’re going off new timeline , Liu Kang breezed through the MK1 and 2 arcs and punched a hole through Shao Kahn with almost no trouble. He died only because Raiden fucked up and accidentally killed him.

    Kung Lao had no trouble at all either, and died only because Shao snuck up and snapped his neck out of no where, not even in a fight.

    I’m not surprising Kung Jin had such an troubless showing there.
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  23. I'm 100% on board with the idea of Kung Jin being a powerful fighter by virtue of his heritage and training (I mean, I don't like him or his design, but I'm just saying it makes sense in universe)...

    But yeah we do have to admit that the story mode did a really shitty job of selling Jin's accomplishment here. First of all, literally no one other than Kotal Kahn seems impressed by Jin's victory. Look at everyone else's face and he might as well have just beaten a jobber. That's no good.

    Second, the "Sub-Zero trashes 4 kombat kids in a row without breaking a sweat" chapter was a bit of a bad call in retrospect, considering we then had to buy the idea of each of them defeating all these mega-threats all on their own afterwards.

    Fuck, if Sub-Zero's that bad, he should just handle literally everything while everyone else chills the fuck out!
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  24. Pterodactyl

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    Didn’t they try to get him to but he was like “naw” and didn’t show back up until they needed his help in the forest, where he came in and started freezing it up.

    But I agree with you there, he should be that strong, but also the writing wasn’t consistent or strong enough to make him seem that way at times, it inversely just made Kotal look less impressive in the moment.
  25. Story mode power levels are completely whack, though. Johnny made Sub-Zero and Scorpion look silly 1v2, Sonya beat Scorpion and Quan Chi, Jax beat Kung Lao, Liu Kang, and Quan Chi like it's nothing, Jacqui bodied Torr and Ermac, Scorpion beats Sonya, Johnny, Kenshi, and Quan Chi IN A ROW, it's all pretty silly when you think about it.

    And before you go blaming MKX's writing, MK9 was actually 10x worse if that's possible. Shit like Cyber Subz beating Goro and Kintaro at the same time, Kung Lao beating Shang Tsung and Quan Chi at the same time, it was bad.

    I think the comics are much more telling of characters' power levels, especially since their writer got picked up to be the MK11 head writer. And he wrote Kotal Kahn as a motherfucking beast who ripped Goro's arms off like it was nothing. If Kittelsen gets his way, Kotal vs Shao is a proper battle.
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