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  1. Batman's reset includes MB Straight Grapple, NJ2, 22...I have been experimenting for a complex guessing game.

    So far, I know that you can do the following:
    - Do a b113 combo for low
    - F3 overhead combo for the overhead/low guessing game
    - JI2 for the crossup, the 22 after NJ2 should give you the perfect seperation to crossup effectively if you time it righ
    - just go for the throw (have to dash first)

    That's 4 that I know of

    The combo I start the whole thing with is:
    - 123, B2~trait, B23,rb, MB Straight Grapple(which could also be finished with NJ2,b23 for a nice 41% damage but let's not get into that)

    This is my personal choice, if there are others I can use for more options, lmk :)

    The F3 and B113 that I use are:
    F3, J2, 22~MB Straight Grapple for 21% before NJ2~22
    B113, 123, 22~MB Straight Grapple for 19% before NJ2~22

    The B113 is hard to land the 22 after 123, if you hit 123 too late after B113, it'll push them out just out of reach of 22, so you have to work hard on the timing. But if someone can tell me an easier B113 combo that does around 19% (can't be picky) and can be canceled into MB Straight Grapple but is easier to confirm then I'm all ears.
  2. he can OTG with his bat trait.......
  3. babalook

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  4. NB Semi Evil Ryu

    NB Semi Evil Ryu Former Sub-Zero of the Midwest (2011 - 2015)

    Semi Evil Ryu

    If I remember right, the following does about 25%:

    B113, 123, B23
  5. Roko1985

    Roko1985 Put down the controller and run!

    For the B113 or F3 combo starters to finish it with NJ2,22 and do more then 30% you have to burn some meter,

    TH3DISTURBED1 "Never say 'never'

    I try to save the bats for NJ2, 22 cb. Then they have to respect you even more because the bats can come out at any time.

  7. Any thoughts for the F3? I just F3, j2, 11~MB Straight Grapple so I can continue it with around 21% damage done.

    I found that b113, 123, can go into 22~MB Straight Grapple for 20%

    I think I can be happy with those 2 maybe unless something better comes along
  8. NB Semi Evil Ryu

    NB Semi Evil Ryu Former Sub-Zero of the Midwest (2011 - 2015)

    Semi Evil Ryu
    Does Straight Grapple cancel from the 123 string?

    What I just now whipped up in my head was F3, j2, 123~MB Straight Grapple. Does that work? (I don't have the game in front of me, at the moment)

    TH3DISTURBED1 "Never say 'never'

    I feel that the reset is good (like Scorpion's) but doesn't deal enough damage to be worth the bar every time. If you get a pretty good combo in (223, B3, J3, B2 MBgrapple, J2, 22) then the bar was worth it. If you sacrifice 10-15% for pressure, it's not worth it. If this had MK9 blocking where you took noticeable chip damage, then it would be different.
  10. Sage Leviathan

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    Ending the reset with 22~Trait instead will leave Batman at significant advantage.
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    F3, J3, B23...i think thats 30% ish pls some1 test it im too lazy to turn on the xbox right now...

  12. It does but not after F3...F3 changes the gravity
  13. I mean, I'll be doing 20% with what I've got. Hypothetically, You should be able to do 100% using 2 Meters with this:

    123, b2~trait, b23, rb, MB straight grapple, NJ2, 22g (38%)
    b113 or f3 combo successful into NJ2, 22 (20%)
    JI2 crossup 223, ji2, 123, 23 (38%)

    That's HYPOTHETICALLY haha
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  14. Vigilante

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    That is true, and another good thing is that using that setup (or any string cancelled into trait) we kind of force the opponent to push block, to make trait bats go away. It is a GREAT way of making the opponent lose a bar... Of course it depends of the situation, sometimes it is better to have bats, but it adds another thing for the opponent to worry about when we are rushing.
    And also, as RapZiLLa54 has pointed out before, b11 > call bats leaves the opponent closer to Batman, so you can follow up with a low or a overhead (but the second hit of a second b11 will whiff on some characters, read his thread!)
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  15. RapZiLLa54

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    f3>j3> 123>b23 34%
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  16. RapZiLLa54

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    He can do things like b112 release bats or sweep release bats and it will force the person to stand. The only problem with this is b112 and sweep recover way to slowly and you'll actually be negative when you try to follow up so its a complete waste.

    What I like to do after a MB grapple: cb = call bats trait

    J2 b11>cb gives you the following options = b113, f3, b3, b23, cross over j2 * note your opponent can MB out of a f3 or b3 follow up but that is ONLY if they are immediately stand blocking. If they are crouching and then try to do it on reaction it won't come out. Make them respect the low first.

    J2 b1> cb gives you the following options = 123 (jails standing), throw, b113, MB f3/b3, b23

    Cross over j2 scatter bombs = b23, 123 (jails standing), b113, Mb f3/b3
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  17. Lord Beef

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    Are these options viable after 112~MB batarang? Like go for the j2 after and start mixing up as stated above?
  18. AceninjaNZ

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    Now i've been watching counter hitter for a little while now and i'm loving the new tech he's showming and i'm implementing it into my gameplay. Now what he does.
    He ends his combo with a Ji2 into firecrackers special move knockdown.
    Or he goes for a b2 into ex straight grapple , b11 BATS crossover reset combo. This is bloody awesome!
  19. JaredL

    JaredL Aww shit <REDACTED DUE TO FEELINGS> its Shapzam

    B11 only really works with bats.

    Batman, to be in a situation of doing B11, implies that 'hes in', which usually takes bats.
  20. Lord Beef

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  21. CrimsonShadow

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    Sure. Done.
  22. RapZiLLa54

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    Kind of but not really because assuming the opponent continues blocking after a mb batarang, you lose the 50/50 mix up with b11 and f3. Due to a mb batarang pushback you either have to dash in/ jump in/ or go for a f3/b3 immediately. Where as if you end in a MB grapple into j2 b11>cb the person has to guess immediately because you are directly in their face. The f3 will cross up if they are initially crouching making it even harder to react to it and "fuzzy" guard.
  23. Lord Beef

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    Indeed. So how are you dealing with people who are letting go of block and taking the hit on the MB batarang. Just going for a read and confirming to grapple? This annoys me so much, its like when people would take the hit on Subs 212 to avoid the clone :/
  24. RapZiLLa54

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    I pretty much only do MB batarang when I have bats because then I can just release bats into b3> j3 > b23 for 35% i believe or to chip them out if they are under 20% life with no clash left. You can loop b11 MB batarang j2 over and over if you have enough meter. Each cycle does 5% chip and if you some magical way had 4 bars of meter (and the opponent felt like not pushblocking lol) to do it 4 times consecutively you would be granted a 5th bar.
  25. Lord Beef

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    What are your favorite strings to MB rang off of. I am still getting his pressure down and I've pretty much only been using off 112. Mainly so I can hit confirm 11 into 3 and combo or 2 and MB rang. Can't some be poked out of?

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