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Batman Mains Here


You will serve me in The Netherrealm
Nothing fancy. Strictly simple, but necessary.

In order to help organize us a bit better and in case anyone ever wants to learn the MU properly, I thought I'd create this so that we can proudly announce our allegiance and list some contact data.

I'll start.

Gamertag: NRF Rude.
Main: Batman

Reply here in similar format. This is mostly for us to be able to run mirrors more easily, help others find good Batmen, etc.

RM Truth

Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM
Gamertag: RM Truth
PSN: The_Truth4591
Main: Batman
Subs: Doomsday, Sinestro, Shazam, Scorpion


Main: Batman
Secondary: Sinestro

If anyone wants to add me, go right ahead. I accept all friend requests from TYM members.

I also have a blutooth so if anyone wants to chat while playing (sharing strategies, tech, etc...) I'm down for that as well.


Est In Harvey 1989
Side note: No longer on XBL because I traded my OG copy for the Vita Ultimate version lol.

PSN: DFields89
Main: Batman
Subs: Joker, Deathstroke, Superman, Green Lantern, & MMH

When the time comes I'd love to play my fellow Bruce Waynes from TYM.


Xbl: Hades NZL
Main: Batman
Sub: Green Lantern

Anyone who wants to run either of these match ups send me an invite or friend request I'm keen to play any time.


You guys should mention your psn region too. It would be way more efficient since it's region locked.
PSN: spondylarthrosis (region 2/ europe)
Mains: Catwoman, Batman
Subs: Aqua, the Flash, Raven
XBL: transpire
Mains: Green Lantern
Subs: Batman, Aquaman

Hey guys,

I started with batman but found I could do little beyond spamming jump 2 and hoping to follow up for a 40% combo. I'd really like to be able to initiate 20 second block strings and learn trait management. I'm tired of using Green Lantern. Let me know if anybody would be willing to show me some things.


Just call me Kruce
PSN: mrKrucifix
Main: Batman
Subs: Sinestro, Grundy

East Coast, USA.

I also dabbled with Zod, Bane, and Ares.

RM Truth

Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM
I'm back to maining the Gotham Knight with different alts now.

Zatanna, Flash, Grundy, Black Adam